Call for Cities for ISO 37120 Certification

CityNet and the World Council on City Data (WCCD) are implementing a joint program that will help accredit CityNet members and their local data systems become ISO certified.

The ISO 37120 Certification, a pioneering global standard for city indicators, provides a comprehensive list of 100 indicators that enables cities to measure and compare their social, economic, and environmental performance in relation to other cities around the world.

Once enrolled in the ISO 37120 program, cities will fill up 100 indicators to be verified by a third party organization. CityNet and WCCD will initiate workshops and mentoring activities to guide the cities along the certification process.

If certified, cities will be provided with tools to better measure and reflect on their performance within a broad spectrum of indicators in relation to other cities. These analyses will help feed to the cities as they develop their long-term plans.

The ISO 37120-certified cities will also be included in the exclusive list of WCCD Global Cities Registry. They will have a full access to the WCCD Open City Data Portal as well.

The joint-program is one of many CityNet’s programs to its members underscoring the need to improve local data systems amid the dynamic challenges of urbanization, especially in the Asia Pacific Region.

WCCD is supportive to the CityNet’s objectives,‘This new partnership will further the goals of CityNet and the WCCD to increase support to Asian cities for data collection and data analysis to help build city sustainability. As the WCCD continues to operationalise ISO 37120, we look forward to working with new city partners, and revitalizing our links with our longstanding network of cities in Asia,” WCCD President and Chief Executive Office Dr. Patricia McCarney said.

The CityNet and WCCD joint-program for ISO 37120 is accepting call for participation for its 2016 round. An exclusive subsidized rate for a three-year period awaits the participating CityNet members.

For other details, please contact

Matthew Lynch
Vice President Global Partnerships and Initiatives
World Council on City Data

Jaime Paulo Mora
Program Officer
CityNet Secretariat

Or visit WCCD website page at

For other information on the Program, download the information kits
1. CityNet-WCCD Information Packet
2. WCCD Overview Document
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