Senior Adviser

CityNet’s Senior Advisers bring with them the fruitful years of exceptional public policy and program experience cross cutting urban development issues across Asia-Pacific. They are known for their commendable professional work, competence and integrity in their field of expertise.

Dr. Sang Bum Kim

Dr. Sang Bum Kim worked for the Seoul Metropolitan Government for 30 years and became the city’s vice mayor until his retirement. He was also the president of Seoul Institute, a think-tank of urban solutions for Seoul.

Dr. Kim’s expertise includes transportation and regional industry development having been deeply involved in most of Seoul’s major transportation projects like the subway line construction, bus reform, and pedestrianization. Since then, Seoul public transportation system has been one of the most efficient in the world. In 2000, he had participated in the Digital Media City (DMC) project, which is a high-tech media industrial park, comprising 450 media and entertainment and creating 36,000 jobs. He also worked on the Magok Project, which would be the largest research and development park in Korea.
In CityNet, Dr. Kim helps develop several international training programs for its members. Currently, he is a visiting professor/ senior researcher at the University of Seoul where he teaches urban economics and urban solutions.

You may contact Dr. Sang Bum Kim at 57sbkim(at)