Out now: New publication on “Taxi as a Part of Public Transport”


Taxis play an important role in almost every city in the world. However, this role varies from city to city – “taxi” does not refer to the same concept everywhere. Regulation of the taxi industry has a long history, but no universal regulatory solution has been discovered. Differing local market conditions create a wide set of challenges for authorities seeking to regulate the industry. Nevertheless, some recurring patterns allow us to derive some general orientation.

The new SUTP Technical Document #16 “Taxis as a Part of Public Transport” discusses the merits of different regulatory systems for the taxi industry and provides a guide for evaluating different forms of taxi regulation and assesses which system is most suited to particular cities in question. It identifies six key recommendations, such as:

1) Tailor Regulation to Local Needs

2) Ensure Some Form of Quality Control

3) Consider Quantity Control

4) Regulate Fares with Careful Consideration

5) Empower the Regulator.

6) Develop a Strategy for Regulatory Changes


They all can be seen as a guideline; individual adaption to local circumstances is nevertheless inevitable.

Interested to learn more about taxi regulation? Please refer to our new publication “Taxis as a Part of Public Transport” which can be downloaded here.

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