Transportation Strategy for Asian Cities Workshop


Asia Pacific is one of the world’s fastest urbanizing region, and the rate of population growth in Asian cities is very rapid. However, transportation networks and infrastructure is still poor to meet the needs of heavily growing population and many Asian cities suffer from traffic problems. With growing recognition of the role of Asian cities in the needs of more sustainable, cost and energy efficient transportation system, urban leaders are increasingly challenged to find proper solutions for the long-term.

This workshop, staged by Seoul Human Resource Development Center and CityNet, connects urban professionals to discuss transportation & traffic problems in Asia Pacific region, exchanges innovative practices and explores potential solutions for problems raised through cooperation with Seoul Metropolitan Government. Especially this workshop, based on Action Plan of last year’s transportation workshop in Da Nang, has reflected practical needs of Asian cities.

The workshop will take place from April 3rd – 9th in Seoul Human Resource Development Center. Specifically designed for senior officials and decision makers from rapidly growing contexts, the workshop offers discussion with urban actors for sustainable policy making and an opportunity to strategize a new agenda for urban transportation.

Learning Objectives

This workshop offers a unique opportunity to practice knowledge transfer and to exchange urban solutions through study visit and group discussion during program. By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand on Seoul’s future urban management plan and process
  • Facilitate cooperative relations between Seoul and CityNet member cities by sharing and transferring knowledge, technology and information on transportation.
  • Explain various best practices on transportation in the Asia Pacific region
  • Analyze problems of your city with other city leaders and find out solutions to develop transportation policies for rapidly developing cities.
  • Learn financing urban infrastructure and project preparation and structuring
  • Through SWOT analysis, understand any current deficiencies in each city and contemplate about enhancement strategies

Target Participants

  • Officials who have never participated in training programs organized by both Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and SMG affiliated organizations

Workshop Venue Seoul Human Resource Development Center


  • The workshop is supported by SHRDC and Seoul Metropolitan Government will cover the cost of accommodations, meals, and training-related expanses. Participants are responsible for airfare.

Date April 3-9, 2016

Application form


Please fill out the attached application form and send it to Jaeyoo Hyeon at by Thursday, March 3.