Water and Sanitation in Climate Sensitive Cities

December 9 – 11 2013, Makati, Philippines

The need for communities to have effective water treatment technologies and practical sanitation methods is rarely more aptly demonstrated than following an extreme climatic event. To help the Philippines recuperate from the environmental, financial and social devastation wrought by Typhoon Haiyan and extend the lessons learned to water managers in other similarly at-risk areas, CITYNET, Makati City, Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and UN-Habitat will hold a three-day training course entitled “Water and Sanitation in Climate Sensitive Cities”.

Water and sanitation professionals from local authorities, private service providers, NGOs and international agencies are invited to Makati City, Philippines from December 9 – 11 to partake in a series of technical sessions, role plays, group work and site visits pertaining to the policies and technologies required for effective water supply and treatment.

The training course will also provide participants the opportunity to consolidate and evaluate information for the 2013 edition of the Asian Sanitation Data Book, a joint publication by UN-Habitat, the Asian Development Bank and CITYNET designed to satisfy those information gaps hindering implementing agencies’ ability to raise sanitation standards.

Please contact Toby Roycroft at programs1[at]citynet-ap.org for further information.