Call for CityNet Services 2017 Now Open

CityNet is encouraging its member-cities to submit applications for CityNet Services, one of the most sought after regular programs.

CityNet Services is a platform where members conduct sustainable learning exchanges across the network. It can be in the form of technical assistance, study visits, and/or city-to-city partnerships.

CityNet members who have enrolled in CityNet Services are able to support their ongoing local development interventions while learning from other peers and improving their technical capacities.

For example, Sidoarjo Regency visited Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center on September 23, 2016 to look into the Center’s best practices in health care and hospital management. Since then, the two cities had signed a cooperation agreement on improving the local health service delivery in Sidoarjo through technical cooperation. Among the first concrete steps is fellowship program where Sidoarjo’s medical doctors will visit Seoul City.

For further information on how to apply for CityNet Services, you may email the CityNet Secretariat at You may also visit the CityNet website at


CityNet Services

Call for CityNet Services 2017 Now Open

CityNet is accepting applications for CityNet Services, one of CityNet’s most sought after regular programs.

CityNet Services is a comprehensive platform where members conduct sustainable learning exchanges across the network. This ranges from technical assistance, study visits, to city-to-city partnerships:

  • Technical Assistance: CityNet Services identifies resource persons from its pool of experts and partner institutions and sends them to your local government for direct technical advice. Technical experts from other CityNet members like Seoul Metropolitan Government and Yokohama City can extend their advisory services as well. Outputs may include short-term project supervision, feasibility studies, appraisals, or reports;
  • Study Visits: CityNet Services coordinates and facilitates learning exchanges to different cities and organizations where members engage in face-to-face interaction and simulate different tools;
  • City-to-City Partnerships: Citynet Services enables its members to jump start proactive engagement in strengthening sister city relations and South-South cooperation.

CityNet Services is open to all CityNet members that may wish to support their ongoing development interventions on specific urban challenges with the goal of coming closer to their solutions.

With CityNet Services, CityNet members will:

• Kick-start critical and inspiring conversations;
• Receive direct and impartial advice from industry experts;
• Discover innovative solutions within the proper context;
• Identify bottlenecks and develop critical local action plans and monitoring system;
• Improve technical capacities for their human resources;
• Foster international cooperation and develop their own global city brand;
• Develop mentoring opportunities and strengthen South-to-South cooperation among CityNet members.


Application Process

1. Applicants submit their application form online ( which will help them articulate their specific problem statements and solicit appropriate responses. The application is done on a per organization basis. Provide an official letter of endorsement as an attachment. After the online submission, send an email for notification; 

2. The CityNet Secretariat will acknowledge and consolidate the application form;

3. A group of technical experts will reexamine the consolidated form and verify whether the request matches with particular CityNet Services provider. Some guide questions in consideration for the expert to evaluate the requests include:

  • What is the size of the problem being addressed?
  • What is the urgency of the problem?
  • Is there a logical and viable solution which produces the desired results?
  • Is the right team/service available to help?
  • How significant will be the impact of the CityNet Services to the applicant members and to their cities at large?
  • Can the impact be quantified, measured, and evaluated?

4. CityNet Secretariat will communicate with the successful applicant city members to co-develop the program concept, finalize the agreement of cooperation, and finalize the activity schedules.


For more information on CityNet Services, contact

Jaime Paulo Mora
Program Officer
CityNet Secretariat
Seoul Global Center 10F
38 Jongno, Jongo-gu, Seoul, Korea

CityNet Services Brochure CityNet Services Application Letter of Endorsement