CityNet National Chapters

1. CityNet National Chapters

2. How to establish a National Chapter
3. How to join a National Chapter or participate in its activities?

The National Chapters (NCs) are part of CityNet’s decentralization strategy and support CityNet Secretariat to reach out to its members, collect membership fees and recruit new members. There are five NCs:

CityNet Secretariat annually funds one small project in each NC. The Secretariat designs the call for project proposals. Then the NCs disseminate the call within their countries. Applications for this grant must be submitted through the NCs to the CityNet Secretariat.

The concept of the NCs was first conceived in 1993. CityNet members highlighted that greater coordination of members within a country would allow experience and expertise to be better shared, and partnerships to be more easily established. This does not reduce the significance of sharing the experience with other countries; it does, however, strengthen the overall ability of CityNet to reach its members even more effectively. The NC concept was approved and recognized at the Seventh Session of the CityNet Executive Committee in Makati, Philippines in 1994.

How to establish a National Chapter

CityNet members from the same country who are interested in establishing a NC have to first discuss the preliminary issues among themselves. Afterwards members from the same country hold a meeting to define the organization and structure of the NC they wish to establish. The CityNet Secretariat provides guidance but no financial support for establishing a new NC.

How to join a National Chapter or participate in its activities?

If you are interested in joining the activities of the NC in your country, please contact the designated focal point. The focal person will provide detailed information about ongoing activities and projects (for more information see NC profiles below). Usually at the beginning of the year each NC announces a call for project proposals. Cities, non-governmental organizations or other urban stakeholders may apply to conduct a small scale project in their designated NC. The project proposals have to be submitted through the NC which is reviewing the applications together with the CityNet Secretariat.

National Chapter Bangladesh

CityNet NC Bangladesh was established in 1994. It consists of six full members and six associate members of CityNet. Its active members include six City Corporations (governing body of a large city) and Municipal Association of Bangladesh (MAB). NC Bangladesh’s organizational structure consists of President (Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation), Vice President (Mayor of Khulna and Rajshahi City Corporation), Secretary General (Chief Executive Officer of Dhaka North City Cooperation), Auditor (Center for Urban Studies), focal point (Dr. Tariq Bin Yousuf) as well as 12 members.

Recent projects:
• Green Campus Initiative through Climate and Disaster Resilient Activities in School (2014-2015)
• Creation Resilient Community through knowledge Sharing and Awareness Building on Disaster Risk Reduction (2016-2017)

Name: Dr. Tariq Bin Yousuf
Phone: +88-02 985 5630

National Chapter India

CityNet National Chapter-India was established in 2013. Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited (HUDCO) is its leading institution and host. The organizational structure of the NC India consists of Chairperson Dr. M. Ravikanth, Secretary General Dr. D. Subrahmanyam, Sr., focal point Dr. Harbans Gill, and fifteen members. The Vision of City Net National Chapter is to establish healthy environment, an eco-friendly city in India. NC India is to act as the focal point and facilitator to coordinate with CityNet and other agencies for capacity building, research, technical study visits and documentation.

Recent projects
• Improving Public Transport System- Addressing the missing links (2014)
• Transit Corridor Development (TCD): Framework and Guiding Principles (2016)

Name: Dr. Harbans Gill
Phone: +91-999 991 8346

National Chapter Indonesia

CityNet NC Indonesia was established in 2007 and is hosted by Sidoarjo City Government. Its organizational structure consists of a supervisory board, advisory board, followed by executive board (president, two vice presidents, secretary, and treasurer). Its management structure includes the Director of administration, Program director, as well as 25 members. NC Indonesia holds a congress every four years to elect a new host and president city.

Recent projects
• Catfish Breeding for Business Development and Youth Empowerment in Sidoarjo Regency (2014)
• Improving waste management at the village’s public health center in Sukabumi City (2015)
• Aksiku.bdg: A Digital Platform for Neighborhood Data Mapping (2016)

Name: Mr. Rahmat Sukandar
Phone: +62 816 463 7763

National Chapter Nepal

NC Nepal was established in 2001 and is hosted by the Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN). The organization consists of the Chairperson (Mayor of Hetauda Municipality), Focal Point Ambika Amatya and 36 members.

Recent Projects
• School Sanitation and Public Toilet Projects (2010, 2012, 2013, 2016)
• Installation of Streetlights in Putalibazar Municipality (2014)
• Building Resilience of Municipalities and their Residents: Responding to the Nepal Earthquake (2015)

Name: Ambika Amatya
Phone: +977 1 443 6725

National Chapter Philippines

NC Philippines was established in 2017 and is hosted by the Makati. National Chapter Philippines has a three-year term. The President shall automatically be from the host city, while the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and PRO shall be elected every three years. The host city shall designate a secretariat and/or focal person in-charge of the day-to-day transaction of the chapter.

Name: Merlina Panganiban
Phone: +632 899 8958

National Chapter Sri Lanka

CityNet National Chapter Sri Lanka was established in 1997 with Colombo Municipal Council as the host organization. Its organizational structure consists of president, two vice presidents, treasurer, executive committee members which are confined only to Mayors of municipal councils, as well as secretary general, consultant, auditor, and 23 members (municipal councils).

Recent projects
• Community-run Computer Learning Centre Project (2014)
• Artistic Skill Training Project for Children of Low Income Communities (2015, 2016)

Name: Ms. Thamara Mallawaarachchi
Phone: +94 11 268 1198