Special Adviser

CityNet has two Special Advisers who served as Secretary General. Having served for CityNet, CityNet’s Special Advisers share their time in providing advice to Network’s strategic directions. They also provide overall guidance in improving CityNet’s organizational agenda and in providing strategic and in-depth perspectives in the development of the Network’s long-term goals.
CityNet Advisers bring with them unparralled experience in their areas of expertise. Even before joining CityNet stint, they already had established careers on their own.

Senior Advisers

CityNet’s Senior Advisers bring with them the fruitful years of exceptional public policy and program experience cross cutting urban development issues across Asia-Pacific. They are known for their commendable professional work, competence and integrity in their field of expertise.

Technical Advisers

CityNet Technical Advisers are leading and recognized experts in their fields. They have the technical authority and have solid foundation in their area of expertise. CityNet Technical Advisers extend their time and talent to CityNet’s member-cities serving as resource persons, providing them further with technical advice, and linking members with other experts and development institutions. Technical Advisers also provide guidance to the Secretariat, bring in fresh ideas on strategic program implementation and contribute to regional policy discussions.


The CityNet Secretariat manages the programs and institutional activities of the network. With the support and engagement of members, the Secretariat promotes the CityNet mission of increasing connections and building capacity across cities in the Asia-Pacific.