Technical Cooperation among Cities of Developing Countries (TCDC)
The CITYNET TCDC program is an essential means of promoting south-south cooperation, boosting the collective self-sufficiency of developing economies and increasing the effectiveness and longevity of development projects. Delivered through three regular modes of exchange – technical advisory services, team consultations and study visits, TCDC offers CITYNET members ready solutions to immediate problems.

City-to-City Approach(C2C)
CITYNET’s City-to-City cooperation program involves the transfer of technical expertise, exchange of information, and cross-fertilization of ideas between developing cities. A proven vehicle of effective development assistance, CITYNET has facilitated over 100 collaborations across the Asia-Pacific region and in the process fostered new political allegiances, created participatory discussions, encouraged reciprocity, and leveraged cost-sharing agreements.

Kuala Lumpur Regional Training Centre
The Kuala Lumpur Regional Training Centre (KLRTC), also known as CIFAL KL, is a joint initiative between UNITAR, UNDP, CITYNET, Veolia Environment and the City of Kuala Lumpur. Established in 2003 to promote the exchange of expertise in urban planning and environmental management, KLRTC helps city managers and practitioners across Asia and the Pacific address urban challenges through problem and case-based learning.

Specializing in themes such as Integrated Urban Planning, Urban Infrastructure Financing and Sustainable Mobility, KLRTC programs facilitate the transfer of knowledge from one city to another, heighten the capacity of city officials to sustainably manage the urbanization process and support post workshop action planning.