Senior Adviser

CityNet’s Senior Advisers bring with them the fruitful years of exceptional public policy and program experience cross cutting urban development issues across Asia-Pacific. They are known for their commendable professional work, competence and integrity in their field of expertise.

Dr. Gyeng Chul Kim – Senior Adviser
Dr. Gyeng Chul Kim served as a president of the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) from 2011 to 2014. He received his PhD in Transport Planning and Administration at Seoul National University in 1993. His career in transport policies and management spans nearly two decades with engagement in both the public and private sectors with specific interests in public transport, such as subways and buses. He serves as a member of the Transport Committee of Seoul Metropolitan Government as well as the Committee for Rail Division of the Board of Audit and Inspection. Additionally, Dr. Kim currently heads the Public Transport Committee of Korea Transportation Research Society. Dr. Kim is also a former Director of the Department of Urban Transit in Seoul Development Institute (SDI). Dr. Kim has long been an advocate and supporter of CITYNET, and has served as Deputy Secretary General since 2009.