Yokohama Project Office

Establishing the CITYNET Yokohama Project Office

On April 1, 2013, the City of Yokohama set up the CITYNET Yokohama Project Office (YPO). The main task of the Yokohama Project Office shall be to initiate and implement projects with beneficiary cities based on their needs. The YPO will be supported primarily through funds from Japanese agencies with the cooperation of the CITYNET Secretariat in Seoul. Its staff members are:

         Mr. Teruhiko Okada, Head of CITYNET Yokohama Project Office

Mr. Teruhiko Okada worked at the City of Yokohama for more than 40 years. He previously worked for the Health and Social Welfare department of the City of Yokohama before being appointed as the Head of CYO.

         Mr. Kendra Hirata, Director, Project Development

Mr. Kendra Hirata has worked in both the private and public sectors for several years conducting training for and managing of development projects. His previous experience includes leading a Japanese non-profit organisation, conducting projects in developing countries, as well as several years of living and working in developed and developing regions. He brings a balanced perspective into his work through CITYNET Yokohama Office. He previously worked for the CITYNET Secretariat in Yokohama and was assigned to his new position upon the Secretariat’s relocation to Seoul. He continues to provide his expertise for CYO by developing meaningful projects to improve urban communities in the Asia-Pacific region.

     Mr. Shinsuke Kato, Director, Project Administration

Mr. Shinsuke Kato joined the CITYNET Yokohama Project Office on April 1st, 2015. He has a great deal of experience and was engaged in several positions at the City of Yokohama. This includes the Resource Recycling Bureau for the planning of the Yokohama City Mid-Term 4 Year Plan, implementation of the G30 Plan, as well as Ward Administration to promote policy. His most recent assignment was with the Support for Promoting Employment of the Elderly. He has an interest in many projects by the local government including the treatment of waste, recycling, energy issues, agricultural problems and gerontology. He is willing to work for international cooperation activities under close mutual cooperation between the CITYNET Yokohama Project Office and the City of Yokohama.

          Ms. Sachiko Ohtake, Project Staff

Ms. Sachiko Ohtake’s long experience with managing CITYNET accounts has been a vital contribution and continues to be an asset to the office.

         Ms. Yuko Yoshimura-Takamiya, Project Staff

Ms. Yuko Yoshimura-Takamiya joined the CITYNET Yokohama Office as a Project Staff to undertake administrative tasks and logistic support for its activities from October 2013. She has an interest in the role of liaison, coordination, fundraising, and monitoring of projects. Prior to joining CITYNET, she worked at the Japan International Cooperation Organization’s Headquarters in Tokyo (JICA) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Liaison Office in Japan (FAO) where she was in charge of coordination for Japan funded projects.



CITYNET Yokohama Project Office

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