CITYNET Young Professionals Program

CITYNET kicked off the CITYNET Young Professionals Program (CYP) in July, 2013, and has planned a formal launch during the CITYNET Seoul Congress 2013 in November. CYP is a voluntary student-led organization supported by CITYNET that is committed to empowering often marginalized young voices by engaging youth in pressing development issues, producing unique pieces of research and raising awareness of themes often left off mainstream political agendas. CYP activities will include regular workshops and field trips, as well as opportunities to meet and network with city officials, policy experts, development practitioners and NGOs.

The CITYNET Young Professionals program.

This year, the program will provide a platform for students to engage in two focus areas; green growth and multiculturalism in Korea. These focus areas, called clusters, allow students to network and research with like-minded peers and to leverage the CITYNET network in order to more deeply understand some of the world’s most pressing sustainable development issues. The Green Growth cluster will conduct field research on mobility and solid waste management and the Multiculturalism cluster will analyze the challenges of multicultural children in Korea and the issues facing North Korean defectors.

Currently, CITYNET Young Professionals come from twelve different countries. Their backgrounds range from Literature to Development Policy to Business Administration. The program is designed to be student-led, allowing students with various professional development goals, research interests, and personalities to customize the program and work together towards a common purpose. The Young Professionals will share their research findings and experiences at the CYP Congress on October 12, 2013.

While applications for CYP are currently closed, as CYP is an ongoing initiative, new students will have further opportunity to join the network throughout the year. In the future, CYP intends to expand its youth network across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

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