Seoul Training Program for Water Managers in Southeast Asia

Seoul Water Works AuthorityCITYNET in partnership with the Seoul Metropolitan Government Office of Waterworks (ARISU) will showcase Seoul’s water management system in the “Seoul Training Program for Water Managers in Southeast Asia” on 8-14 September 2013. The program will be hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government Office of Waterworks and co-organized by CITYNET and the Korea Water and Wastewater Works Association.

This one-week event introduces practitioners and decision makers from across Southeast Asia to Seoul’s water management initiatives through lectures and site visits. The scheme provides an interactive means of knowledge exchange, technology transfer and personnel development.

The training will have a combination of lectures / discussions and diverse field visits including the Office of Seoul Waterworks, Seoul Waterworks Research Institute, Jungrang Sewage Treatment Center and Arisu Water Purification Center. These technical tours will allow participants to directly observe the process and technology behind Seoul’s water purification and wastewater treatment process. Taking advantage of the composition of participants from different local governments across Asia, there will be reporting and discussion on the different water management practices, technologies and experiences encountered in each country.

During their stay, the 16 confirmed participants from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal and Philippines will get to understand how the 20 million population of metropolitan Seoul enjoys access to drinking, domestic and natural water. At the Seoul Training Program, participants will build a technical network of water managers through which they can exchange policies and lessons.

The deadline for registration in this year’s Seoul Training Program has passed but based on its success, CITYNET plans to make this program available to CITYNET members on an annual basis.