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Habitat III and the role of the New Urban Agenda for Asian Cities

UN-Habitat held its most anticipated flagship conference for the 3rd time: Habitat III from October 17-20, 2016 in Quito, Ecuador, where the New Urban Agenda as the outcome document sets a new global standard for sustainable development. As the largest association of urban stakeholders committed to sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region, CityNet actively participated to voice its members' aspiration together with some of its prominent partners throughout the four-day event.

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Announcements and Opportunities
Indonesian cities committed to healthier and smart city
Following last year's short course and study visit on Healthy Cities and Hospital Management to the Netherlands, CityNet National Chapter Indonesia held a localised healthy cities seminar on 12-13 October in Banjarbaru City under the theme "Committed to Collaborate for Improving Services towards Healthier and Smart City with Character".

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The 34th Executive Committee Meeting's venue finalised
CityNet's 34th Executive Committee Meeting will be held at the Discovery Primea Makati hotel in Makati City on 24 November 2016. A strategic planning meeting will be held a day prior to the Meeting to prepare a set of strategic actions for implementation in 2017 and determine the necessary priorities, procedures, and strategies to achieve CityNet's vision.


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Participate in the 2016 Suwon-CityNet Human City Forum
CityNet and the City of Suwon organise the 2016 Suwon Human City Forum from November 3-4 in Suwon, Republic of Korea. This Forum aims to provide a platform to allow Asian municipal leaders to meet and exchange their views on progressive urban reforms to accommodate human flourishing and create a network of municipal leaders and urban policy institutes looking to implement human-oriented urban policies.

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Network news
CityNet, Seoul City help Philippine cities overcome their urban mobility challenges

CityNet organized a learning event on sustainable transport, titled 'Learning Sustainable Transport Options: A Localised Workshop Activity for Philippine CityNet Members' on September 29, 2016 in Makati City, Philippines. A total of 29 participants which were comprised of local city and transport planners attended the one-day learning event.

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2016 Arisu-CityNet Waterworks Workshop for Chinese Cities

City officials from seven Chinese cities participated in the Arisu Waterworks Workshop from September 25 – October 1, organized by the Office of Waterworks Seoul Metropolitan Government (Arisu) and CityNet. Tailored specifically for Chinese cities, the workshop transmitted the know-how and lessons learned from the waterworks policy implemented by Arisu.

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Philippines firefighters learn Seoul's fire and disaster management system

Four firefighters from the Philippines visited Seoul from October 10-14 to gain insight into Seoul's fire and disaster management system and expertise. In addition to training exercises, participants also shadowed the Seoul City's Fire Department officers. "As young firefighters, this is an excellent advantage for us. The system and expertise we witnessed in Seoul today will play an important role shaping the fire and disaster services of the Philippines in the future," said Paul Patrick Laude, the Chief of the Special Rescue Unit in BFP-R7 in Cebu.

National Chapter Indonesia meeting
Alongside the localised healthy cities seminar, CityNet National Chapter Indonesia organised a meeting led by the Mayor of Balikpapan Rizal Effendi as the president, where CityNet Secretariat shared its program activities in 2017 and encourage their active participation in the network. They also discussed about the upcoming CityNet Indonesia congress where the new president will be elected.

CityNet Secretariat courtesy visit to Makati in time for the 34th Executive Committee

CityNet Secretariat representatives visited Makati City to further discuss about the upcoming 34th Executive Committee in November. The team was welcomed by the Mayor of the Makati Abby Binay-Campos who assured the smooth organisation of the CityNet's highest governing body in Makati.


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The Seberang Perai International Conference on Ecotourism and Conservation Efforts

Municipal Council of Seberang Perai (MPSP),Penang, Malaysia is organizing an international conference on ecotourism and conservation efforts 2016 on 23-25 November. This is the first time such conference is being organized in Seberang Perai. The purpose of the conference is to highlight the importance of promoting ecotourism in line with United Nation's call in 2013 General Assembly to promote nature conservation efforts through ecotourism.


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CityNet supports the 6th Future of Cities Forum 2016

Supporting the 6th Future of Cities Forum 2016 organised by World Future Council, CityNet shared its initiative on city-to-city cooperation through one of its flagship programs, CityNet Services, at one of the sessions. This forum that was held on 21-22 October in Tianjin aimed to contribute to the climate resilience to address the issue of cities.


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Why are some cities more cheerful than others?

In some cities, people feel generally pessimistic about the future, the new Microsoft research has found, while other Asian cities have high levels of optimism. The survey found that the top six most optimistic cities in Asia are: Mumbai, Jakarta, Delhi, Manila, Shanghai and Tokyo. Read more on the blog authored by the Vice President of Public Sector Asia, Microsoft, Stefan Sjöström that elaborates on why some cities are more cheerful than others.


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Cities for People and by People

Through an article published in the UN Chronicle, Somsook Boonyabancha, the Secretary General of the Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), and Tom Kerr, the former ACHR Publications, shared their insights on how to encourage a more realistic and participatory urban development system to create new alternative platforms that would bring together key stakeholders and communities for discussion and planning at the city level. ACHR is CityNet associate member.


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The 10th Seoul ODA International Conference

On August 31st to September 1st 2016, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Korea in collaboration with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) organized The 10th Seoul ODA International Conference in Seoul. For years, the Seoul ODA Conference has been a platform in the field of international development cooperation in Korea. Read more on CityNet blog.


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LUCI Annual General Meeting in Seoul, 2-6 November

LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International) and Seoul Metropolitan Government with the support of CityNet is organizing LUCI's Annual General Meeting in Seoul from 2-6 November 2016. The conference provides a platform for a broad range of stakeholders such as local governments, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and private companies.


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2nd Annual Transit Oriented Development

Join the 2nd Annual Transit Oriented Development on 23-24 November 2016 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, where city planners, property developers, transit agencies, transport planner, architects and urban planners convene to discuss the countless opportunities for growth and overcoming challenges in developing TOD through world's leading TOD case studies.


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New intern at the CityNet Secretariat

Kim GeonYoung has just joined CityNet Secretariat team as an intern for assisting with program activities. GeonYoung studied archaeology in Peking University, China.


Yokohama Project Office
CBARAD-II Project in Iloilo to install early warning device

From September 27-28, three representatives from Unimation System Inc, a Japanese company that specialises in flood early warning devices, came to Iloilo to assist with the installation of an early warning device that will enhance the city's early warning system. The early warning device will be stationed at Calubihan Bridge and the CDRRMO will work with the barangay to enhance their flood early warning system.

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HELP-O and PIEDAR commence work on solid waste management project

August marked the start of two Community Based Solid Waste Management projects in Galle, Sri Lanka, and Islamabad, Pakistan. In Galle, the NGO HELP-O will be undertaking a variety of initiatives to develop a waste conscious community with the goal to create a waste-free city. In Islamabad, the NGO PIEDAR will be working to enhance schoolchildren's understanding of waste and foster sustainable consumption and production through sustainable materials management at the local urban scale.

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Taipei Hosts 9th CityNet Disaster Cluster Seminar

The 9th CITYNET Disaster Cluster Seminar was held in Taipei from September 22-24 with attending participants from Taiwan and five countries across the Asia Pacific Region. Participants included representatives of local governments, associations, institutions, NGOs and NPOs with backgrounds in DRR. For more information please check out the Disaster Cluster Seminar Special Report here.

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Elementary school students learn about DRR education during CYO Visit

This September the Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE) introduced an outreach program for elementary schools in Yokohama. Between September and October over 600 students visited the Yokohama International Organizations Center to learn about sustainability, food security, and creating a harmonious society. CYO participated in the project and over 10 classes visited the office to learn about the office's international projects and activities.

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CYO welcomes a new intern


CityNet Yokohama Project Office welcomes a new intern to help with the office's projects and activities. Ms. Natsu Hatakeyama, is a first year Master's student majoring in Global Environmental Policy at the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University. Her interest in the influence of city-to-city networks and global environmental issues drove her to work as an intern for CityNet. She will be in the office until January, 2017.

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