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Mobile App Created by Students Launched for Public Use in Sidoarjo

Following last year's CityApp in Sidoarjo where hundreds of students worked to build web and mobile applications to tackle Sidoarjo's biggest urban challenges, the city government successfully launched the winning app for public use. The app called M-Bonk that aims to improve the city's road infrastructure, has been developed together with Microsoft and CityNet. This has shown Sidoarjo Regency's commitment to engage citizen participation in addressing urban challenges. 
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Announcements and Opportunities

National Chapters call for project proposals 2016
CityNet National Chapter Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka are going to release the call for project proposals in early March. Do not miss it and submit your proposal for a small-scale project fund! More information will follow soon.  

Environmental education in a wired age
As part of the 7th High Level Seminar for Ecological Sustainable Cities held by Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, CityNet organises a session on the Environmental Education in a Wired Age on March 3rd, 2016. This session will highlight a few examples from cities in the Asia-Pacific region that have successfully implemented projects, using innovative technologies to develop urban solutions through an inclusive process.    More>>
Green Technologies for Urban Development
Environmental efficiency in buildings allows energy savings for the advanced urbanization. Partnering with the Urban Land Institute and Korea Green Building Council, CityNet invites its members to learn about Green Technologies for Urban Development, and to meet some of the leading companies in energy efficiency in buildings in Seoul, South Korea on April 22nd-23rd. Contact CityNet Secretariat at partnerdev@citynet-ap.org for more information. 
Transportation Strategy for Asian Cities
Building on the Urban Transport Workshop held in Da Nang in 2015, CityNet holds a workshop on Transportation Strategy for Asian Cities on April 3rd-9th in Seoul, South Korea, in collaboration with the Seoul Human Resources Development Centre (SHRDC). Submit your application by Thursday, 3rd March.    More>>

CDIA-MFA Training on Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience
In collaboration with the Singapore Cooperation Program and USAID Adapt Asia Pacific, Cities Development Initiative Asia (CDIA) is proud to announce that the Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience Training to be held in Singapore from 23-27 May 2016 is now open for applications from cities in the Asian region.  More>>

Call for scientific papers for the International Forum on Solid Waste
Students and researchers are invited to submit their papers to the 7th International Forum on Solid Waste in 11 thematic areas. For more information regarding the general rules and guidelines for application, please check the available information on the event's website or get in contact with the Organizing Committee at: firs@institutoventuri.org.br. Submissions are open up until March 15th. 
Environment and Urbanisation ASIA Journal
The National Institute of Urban Affairs in collaboration with UN-Habitat will bring out a special issue of the journal Environment and Urbanization, ASIA focusing on the themes discussed at HABITAT III, with particular reference to Asian cities. These papers will support both the implementation of SDG 11 and provides insight into Habitat III. The selected papers will be published in the September 2016 special issue of the journal.    

Network News

Lunch with Mayor Park
On 3rd February CityNet shared its 2016 activities plan with the Mayor of Seoul Park Wonsoon over a luncheon meeting together with a few other international organisations based in Seoul, namely World e-Governments, ICLEI East Asia, and Global Social Economy Forum. This meeting is expected to garner better cooperation with Seoul Metropolitan Government.   

CityNet presents on the international networking event hosted by Seoul
CityNet representatives shared the network plan throughout 2016 during a networking event hosted by the Ambassador of Seoul Metropolitan Government, Mr. Kim Chang-beom, on February 23rd. Representatives from 26 international organisations based in Seoul have been invited to attend this meeting that aimed to strengthen the cooperation between SMG and International Organisations.    
Urban Planning for City Leaders Workshop report produced
The report of Urban Planning for City Leaders Workshop that was jointly organised by UN-Habitat, CityNet and Kuala Lumpur Regional Training Centre is now available. Find out the messages for you to play key roles for sustainable urban development. 

Sustainable urban transport Report launched
CityNet has published a report on the Sustainable Urban Transport Workshop that was held in July 2015 by CityNet, Korea Transport Institute and Da Nang People's Committee. This report focused on sharing the practices of CityNet member cities, particularly highlighting Korea's transport development history and lessons learnt.  More>>
Register to the World Cities Summit 2016
Themed Liveable and Sustainable Cities: Innovative Cities of Opportunity, the 5th World Cities Summit will be held in conjunction with the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) and CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS) on 10-14 July 2016 in Singapore.   

Online conversation towards the Low Carbon City Forum
On February 4th, CityNet Program Officer Sayel Cortes, together with representatives from USAID, WWF and The South Pole Group, participated in an online conversation building up towards the Low Carbon City Forum to be held in Colombia in October 10-12. In this conversation, Sayel talked about good practices of Asian cities and the potential of cooperation to help cities in Latin America tackle the climate change challenges.  
Welcome our new Secretariat team member
Jaime Paulo Mora has joined the Secretariat as Program Officer. Prior to working in Citynet, he spent ten years working in a national local government association based in Manila, Philippines. He will be great additions to the team to further enhance CityNet's programmes. Join us in welcoming our new team member!  More>>

Public Private Partnership in Asia
According to the World Bank, Asia, along with Africa, is urbanizing faster than the other regions in the world and is expected to become 64% urban in 2050. This fast rate of urban growth means unprecedented need for urban investment in Asia. Read our latest blog on one of the potential financial models that cities can tap into, PPP.   

CityNet Yokohama Project Office

20th CityNet Japan Forum on disaster resilience and environmental education
As a part of the annual public forum to orient the citizens of Yokohama on CityNet activities, CityNet Yokohama Project Office organised 20th CITYNET Japan Forum on disaster resilience and environmental education.   More>>
Mid-term evaluation completed for CBARAD-II in Iloilo
The second phase of the Community Based Adaptation and Resilience Against Disasters (CBARAD) Project completed its mid-term evaluation to assess their accomplishments and to plan the next steps in order to complete this project by March 2017.    More>>

Design for DRR exhibit and information centre in Iloilo mulled
As part of CBARAD project, Iloilo City Government discussed with an NGO based in Kobe, Japan, Plus Arts, to set up a DRR Exhibit and Information Centre in Iloilo. When completed later this year, it will become the first DRR exhibit and information center of its kind in the Philippines   More>>
CYO welcomes new staff members
CityNet Yokohama Project Office has two new staff members to support the programs run through the office, Programme Officer, Ms. Sayaka Yoda and intern, Ms. Karen Fukui. Ms. Yoda has an academic background in architecture and town planning, and looks forward to providing a wider variety of projects to member cities. Ms. Fukui comes from Meiji Gakuin University.    More>>
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