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As 2017 draws to a close, CityNet Secretariat would like to thank all its members and partners for their continuous support throughout the year. Through workshops, forums, and continuous advocacy for an Asian perspective in sustainable urban development, 2017 provided the Asia Pacific region with a strong basis to go forward on our progress towards sustainable cities for 2018 and beyond. We would like to extend our New Year's greetings and wish you all a joyful and prosperous year ahead.
CityNet-World Bank BRT network kicks off in Bogor

CityNet and the World Bank visited Bogor City to assess the newly relaunched Bogor’s public bus route, as well as its public transport reform plan. After an initial briefing and assessment of Bogor’s public transport situation, CityNet and the World Bank agreed to provide a concrete set of suggested actions and activities to assist Bogor City’s public transport reform. CityNet-World Bank BRT Cities Network is a group of cities currently operating or are well underway of developing BRT systems in the Asia Pacific region. The network endeavours to enhance the service provision capacities of these cities.

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World Cities –Meeting of Korean and EU Cities in Europe
The EU-funded World Cities Project facilitates city-to-city (C2C) cooperation on sustainable urban development between four Korean and four European cities. Each city has partnered with another one to exchange knowledge and identify potential areas of cooperation on topics such as climate change, urban regeneration, smart city, sustainability mobility, and urban economy.
CityNet Secretariat visits Surabaya City
CityNet Secretariat visited Surabaya on December 10-11, 2017. CityNet met with the Surabaya Creative Network and reviewed the progress of the project focusing on the participatory public space conducted in collaboration with Bandung Creative City Forum and UNTAG University. CityNet also engaged with the Surabaya’s Transport Department to better understand it’s achievements to manage urban traffic volume, such as the Surabaya Intelligent Transport System.
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CityNet Congress Over But What’s Next?
The 2017 Colombo CityNet Congress was held successfully. With participation of over 300 guests of honour from around the world, CityNet Congress hosted in Colombo, Sri Lanka from November 5th to 8th also marked the 30th anniversary of CityNet. Read our latest blog to see what would be next after the Congress.
CityNet Yokohama Project Office
Kathmandu and the City of Yokohama discuss the Structural and Seismic Engineering Training
Engineers from the Disaster Management Department and Building Construction Permit Department of Kathmandu Metropolitan City formed a core team that will lead the city engineers throughout the last year of the training in 2018. The team met with experts from the City of Yokohama and representatives from CYO to discuss the final outputs and way forward of the project.
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