CityNet Secretary General to Present in the World Bank’s Smart Cities for Global Frontier Infrastructure Virtual Knowledge Exchange

CityNet Secretary General Vijay Jagannathan will participate as a panelist in the Smart Cities for Global Frontier Infrastructure event hosted by the World Bank Group Open Learning Campus and Korea Program for Operational Knowledge. Mr. Jagannathan will introduce CityNet and its plans for contributing to global infrastructure and smart city development during the “Smart Cities as Global Infrastructure” session on April 18, 8-9:30 AM ET (9-10:30 PM KST).

The need of Global Frontier Infrastructure of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represents a common and strategic development vision of our present sustainable smart cities. This event will facilitate discussion and knowledge sharing on how smart cities can contribute to this collective effort towards enhanced global sustainability through global frontier Infrastructure development.

The entire event runs from April 18-May 15 and will be structured around four thematic areas to which smart cities can contribute: Global Infrastructure, Metaverse Smart City, Frontier Transformation, and Vision for Digital Asset and Smart City Infrastructure Assurance. Through this event, participants will explore how smart city development and innovation can engage residents, businesses, and visitors, facilitate collaborative and open leadership, work across sectors and systems, and use data and technology in an integrated way.

To attend, interested parties may register here.

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