Organizational Structure

CITYNET 2018-2021 Executive Committee and Elected Officials

Secretary General

Mr. Vijay Jagannathan


Seoul Metropolitan Government, Republic of Korea

President Emeritus

Yokohama City, Japan

First Vice President

Makati City Government, Philippines

Second Vice President

Kuala Lumpur City Hall, Malaysia

Executive Committee

Ahmedabad Study Action Group, India
Bogor City, Indonesia
Busan Metropolitan Government, Republic of Korea
Colombo Municipal Council, Sri Lanka
Incheon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea
Lalitpur Metropolitan City, Nepal
League of Cities of the Philippines, Philippines
Penang Island City Council
Suwon City, Republic of Korea


Muntinlupa City, Philippines

The General Council

The General Council, the highest authority of CITYNET, comprises all full and associate members. The General Council meets every four years and reviews the activities of the CITYNET Network, elects the President, Vice-Presidents, Executive Committee, Secretary General and Auditor. The General Council also approves the Medium-Term Plan and any amendments to the CITYNET Charter.

Executive Committee

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The Executive Committee consists of the President, President Emeritus, two Vice-Presidents, and nine members. The Executive Committee formulates the Biennial Work Program for the Network in accordance with the Medium-Term Plan, approves new members, and sets policy guidelines for the Secretariat. The Executive Committee convenes at least once every two years.


Special Adviser

CityNet has two Special Advisers who served as Secretary General. Having served for CityNet, CityNet’s Special Advisers share their time in providing advice to Network’s strategic directions. They also provide overall guidance in improving CityNet’s organizational agenda and in providing strategic and in-depth perspectives in the development of the network’s long-term goals.

CityNet Advisers bring with them unparralled experience in their areas of expertise. Even before joining CityNet stint, they already had established careers on their own.

Dato Lakhbir Singh Chahl

Dato Lakhbir Singh Chahl is the founding Secretary-General of CityNet having served the position from 1991-2009. Under his guidance, CityNet has grown and achieved its status to become the leading network of advocacy for local governments in the Asia-Pacific.

In CityNet, he had served and represented the network in several United Nations agencies committees like in UNESCAP, UN-Habitat, and UNEP, to name a few. He represented CityNet in Rio Summit 1991, in series of World Urban Forums in Vancouver (2006) and in Nanjing (2008) and at the UN Habitat Summit 1996 in Istanbul.

Mr. Singh was an adhoc expert to the UN-Department of Economic and Social Affairs. He was a member of the Advisory Committee of the Asia Urbs Program of the European Union which strengthened cooperation between Asian and European cities.

In his hometown Penang, Malaysia, Mr. Singh had contributed to the promotion of planning and development of the Penang’s State Master Plan. He has also contributed to the development of local sports having served as president or vice president in many of state’s sports associations. Currently, he is one of Penang’s most-sought legal practitioners.

Mary Jane Ortega

Mary Jane Ortega served as CityNet’s Secretary-General (2009-2013) and a mayor of San Fernando City, La Union (1998-2007). She was also one of three Vice Presidents of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.

She is the first Filipina to receive the United Nations Scroll of Honour Award from United Nations Habitat in 2000 for her advocacy for the empowerment of women and for the City Development Strategies. She is currently a member of Board of Trustees of Clean Air Asia, a member of the Advisory Board of the Global Initiatives on Trans National Crime, and Special Advisor to the City of Yokohama’s Y-Port Project.

In the Philippines, she continues to be a part-time lecturer at the Ateneo School of Government, Acting Chairman of the Institute of Solidarity in Asia, Mentor for Synergeia Foundation, board member of St. Louis College and Coordinator/Liaison for the La Union Marine Center.

Mary Jane generously shares her time by representing CityNet in high-level conferences, contributing to the network’s strategic long-term agenda, and promoting CityNet in the Asia Pacific region.

Senior Adviser

CityNet’s Senior Advisers bring with them the fruitful years of exceptional public policy and program experience cross cutting urban development issues across Asia-Pacific. They are known for their commendable professional work, competence and integrity in their field of expertise.

Dr. Gyeng Chul Kim

Dr. Gyeng Chul Kim served as a president of the Korea Transport Institute (KOTI) from 2011 to 2014. He received his PhD in Transport Planning and Administration at Seoul National University in 1993. His career in transport policies and management spans nearly two decades with engagement in both the public and private sectors with specific interests in public transport, such as subways and buses. He serves as a member of the Transport Committee of Seoul Metropolitan Government as well as the Committee for Rail Division of the Board of Audit and Inspection. Additionally, Dr. Kim currently heads the Public Transport Committee of Korea Transportation Research Society. Dr. Kim is also a former Director of the Department of Urban Transit in Seoul Development Institute (SDI). Dr. Kim has long been an advocate and supporter of CITYNET, and has served as Deputy Secretary General since 2009.

Dr. Tony Michell

Dr. Michell is a regional and urban economist who has written about urban transport and worked with Korean planners and international consultants on a series of World Bank, UNDP, Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Construction projects in Asia. Recently he has been involved in LRT design in Africa, Mexico and Asia. After graduating from Cambridge as a regional economist, he became the youngest lecturer appointed at Hull University. He has taught in Cambridge, Hull, Louvain, Rotterdam, Seattle, and four universities in Korea and currently teaches Change Management and Promoting FDI at KDI School of Public Policy and Management in Sejong. Currently President of KABC Ltd., Dr. Michell came to Korea as an economic advisor to the Korean government in 1978. During that time he made a number of recommendations for modifying the bus system of Seoul and was subsequently hired by the World Bank for a series of urban transport projects. He worked for various international and Korean government agencies before setting up a private practice which advises multinationals and undertakes research on aspects of the Korean economy for broad range of clients. He chairs the Korea Business Forum a monthly meeting of business and foreign diplomats held in Seoul.

Technical Adviser

CityNet Technical Advisers are leading and recognized experts in their fields. They have the technical authority and have solid foundation in their area of expertise. CityNet Technical Advisers extend their time and talent to CityNet’s member-cities serving as resource persons, providing them further with technical advice, and linking members with other experts and development institutions. Technical Advisers also provide guidance to the Secretariat, bring in fresh ideas on strategic program implementation and contribute to regional policy discussions.

Dr. Hoong-Chor Chin

Dr. Hoong-Chor Chin is a Professor at the National University of Singapore (NUS) specializing in transportation planning, congestion management, road safety assessments, and sustainable development. At the NUS, he also spearheads the Safety Studies and Urban Mobility Initiatives. He has won Innovative Teaching Awards in 2002, 2011, and 2016. He has published more than 100 papers for international conferences and journals.

As a registered engineer, Dr. Chin has extensive consultancy work in the field of transportation and sustainable development both in Singapore and in the Asia-Pacific Region. He has done consultancy work for Land Transport Authority (Singapore), TYLin International, Cities Development Initiative for Asia, Asian Development Bank, and UN-Habitat, among others. He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, a member of the Ministry of Defence Civil Resources Compensation Board and the Governing Board of the Workplace Safety Institute, as well as a Director of the Singapore Taxi Academy.

You may reach Dr. Chin at engchc(at)

Dr. Young-June Choi

Dr. Young-June Choi is currently the Director and Chief Research Officer at Seoul Water Institute, Seoul Metropolitan Government for 12 years. He manages water-related research and development projects that include drinking water treatment and supply, wastewater treatment, sewer system, urban drainage system, renewable energy, water reuse, water-energy NEXUS, IoT and Big Data based water system, international collaboration and policies and strategies for water issues.

He has also been a key member in many advisory committees and technical reviewers in water science -related academic journals. In 2012, he got the Excellent Reviewer of the Year award by the Desalination Journal. The same year, he and his team were awarded by the International Water Association (IWA) with the Project Innovation Award. In CityNet, he is among the key resource persons in presenting Seoul City’s best practice in urban water management.

You may contact Dr. Choi at youngjune(at)


Lee, Hoi Seung

Formal Assistant Secretary General
Lee, Hoi Seung serves as Adviser at CityNet and is the Director General of Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG). Mr. Lee studied Public Administration at University of Seoul. He has devoted for SMG almost 25 years and has since accompanied the city of Seoul on its way to becoming a major force in East Asia. He works closely with both CityNet and SMG to facilitate the relationship between Seoul and CityNet member cities.


CityNet Secretariat

The CityNet Secretariat manages the programs and institutional activities of the network. With the support and engagement of members, the Secretariat promotes the CityNet mission of increasing connections and building capacity across cities in the Asia-Pacific.

After over two decades of success and growth in Yokohama, Japan, 2013 marks the CityNet Secretariat’s relocation to Seoul, South Korea. With this move comes new partnerships, innovative urban collaboration and an even greater network of knowledge and best practices.

Even with a new location, the mission remains the same. The CityNet Secretariat pledges to work side-by-side with over 163 members and partners throughout the Asia Pacific region. With each member city and organization, we will continue to highlight and share successes while tackling challenges standing in the way of urban development.

As the Asia-Pacific region grows in economic, environmental, and technological importance, CityNet is propelling cities toward the goal of urban sustainability, resilience and inclusivity.

Secretariat Team

Vijay Jagannathan – Secretary General

Vijay Jagannathan comes from the World Bank where he was Sector Manager for infrastructure in the East Asia and Pacific region. He was responsible for an annual lending program of about $5 billion in the urban, water, transport and energy sectors. Vijay has been also associated with the APEC-led green growth and green finance initiatives. He has worked in the infrastructure, environment and urban development sectors in his twenty four years in the Bank. Prior to that he spent 10 years in Indian Administrative Service. Vijay is an economist by training, with a PhD from Boston University. His dissertation on the informal markets for the poor was published by Oxford University Press in 1987 and recognized as one of the “Outstanding Academic Books of the Year” by the American Library Association. He has published extensively on water, urban development, agricultural development and environmental issues. Vijay currently serves as a Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute, and has been a consultant with the Green Climate Fund. He is a member of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group for Urban Issues, and is working closely with the New Climate Economy initiative. He is advising the China Council for International Cooperation on Climate and Development (CCICED) in its Special Policy Study on “Good City Models under the Concept of Ecological Civilization.” Vijay was elected as Secretary General of CityNet at the 2013 CityNet Seoul Congress. He can be reached at vijay(at)

Sang Bum Kim – Deputy Secretary General

Dr. Sang Bum Kim worked for the Seoul Metropolitan Government for 30 years and became the city’s vice mayor until his retirement. He was also the president of Seoul Institute, a think-tank of urban solutions for Seoul. Dr. Kim’s expertise includes transportation and regional industry development having been deeply involved in most of Seoul’s major transportation projects like the subway line construction, bus reform, and pedestrianization. Since then, Seoul public transportation system has been one of the most efficient in the world. In 2000, he had participated in the Digital Media City (DMC) project, which is a high-tech media industrial park, comprising 450 media and entertainment and creating 36,000 jobs. He also worked on the Magok Project, which would be the largest research and development park in Korea.
In CityNet, Dr. Kim helps develop several international training programs for its members. Currently, he is a visiting professor/ senior researcher at the University of Seoul where he teaches urban economics and urban solutions. You may contact Dr. Sang Bum Kim at 57sbkim(at)

Aisa Tobing – Deputy Secretary General

Aisa Tobing is a City Planner and Senior Advisor to the Governor of Jakarta. She serves as the Chairman of the Climate Change Task Force for Jakarta and as an Expert Staff for Urban and Environmental Management. Aisa has worked for Jakarta Capital City Government since 1977. During this time, she was appointed to lead several agencies within the administration, including serving as the Director of the International Cooperation Bureau, the Director of Information Technology and Communications Management Office, as well as Head of the Environmental Management Division. Aisa received her Bachelor’s degree in City Planning from Bandung Institute of Technology and her Masters from University of Pennsylvania. A strong supporter of sustainable urban development, Aisa Tobing currently serves as a Deputy Secretary General of CityNet.

Geunhyeong Yim – Chief Executive Officer

Geunhyeong Yim is currently serving as CityNet CEO since January 2020. He is responsible in overseeing the overall institutional and program activities of the organization in relation to the sustainable development of cities in Asia-Pacific. He was appointed as Ambassador for International Relations to the Seoul Metropolitan Government in January 2018, a position he held for two years. As a foreign policy adviser to Mayor of Seoul, he advises on the city’s international relations and diplomatic policies. Earlier in his career, Mr. Yim joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs after passing the High Diplomatic Service Examination in 1981 and spent multiple years as a diplomat in Europe. He also held the posts of Deputy Director-General and Director-General of European Affairs in succession, and served as an ambassador to the Kingdom of Denmark in 2008 and to Hungary in 2014. In 2017, he was granted the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of Hungary for his contribution to promoting Korea-Hungary relations. Some of the main areas of his focus are Smart City policies and climate change response, and he believes city-to-city cooperation is essential to resolving the key issues on the global agenda.

Youngmin Chang – Director of Programs

Youngmin Chang is the Director of Programs and develops overall programs at CityNet along with the institutional strategy to engage businesses, community groups, and multilateral institutions as strategic partners in identifying practical solutions for sustainable cities. Before she joined CityNet, she had worked for ten years as the Associate Director of a non-profit organization, International Action, in Washington, D.C., which she co-founded and serves as a board member. She was honored to be selected as one of the 40 Under 40 professionals on urban land use by the Urban Land Institute in 2014. She sits on Cities Development Initiative for Asia Stakeholders Forum Expert Group and has led CityNet to be elected to be an Operation Committee Member of Development Alliance Korea. She received her Master’s in International Relations from the University of Virginia. She can be reached at

Sungkyun Kim – Director of Operations

Sungkyun Kim has been working for the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) since 2008. Mr. Kim was recently dispatched to CityNet as Director of Operations as of July 2020. He can be reached at

Yun Yeong Yang – Operations Officer

Yunyeong Yang has been working for Seoul Metropolitan Government since 2015 and was recently dispatched to CityNet as Operations Officer. She can be reached at

Yookyung Oh – Operations Officer

Prior to joining CityNet, Yookyung worked at the United States Embassy in Seoul to cultivate civic engagement, cultural understanding and strengthen societal resilience by finding practical approaches to shared regional challenges. Some of her responsibilities at CityNet include overall management of CityNet members and assisting fiscally sponsored projects along with the annual audit. She can be reached at

Jaime Paulo Mora – Senior Program Officer

Prior to working in Citynet, Jaime Paulo Mora spent ten years working in a national local government association based in Manila, Philippines. He held various supervisory positions in both regular and foreign-assisted programs and projects that focused on urban development. Some of these include public procurement, disaster risk and resilience, local health development and localizing Millennium Development Goals/ Sustainable Development Goals. He graduated with a journalism degree at the University of Santo Tomas. Mr. Mora has a professional background in development communications, public advocacy, local governance, and urban sociology. In the Citynet, among other tasks, he manages the Citynet Services Program and provides membership services to Philippines and Fiji Citynet members. He can be reached at

Danbee Lee – Program Officer

Danbee Lee has a background in International Security and Economics. Prior to joining CityNet, she worked at a research institute based in Seoul to conduct academic research on city revitalization and the role of local entrepreneurship in community building. She graduated with BA in Political Science and Economics, and completed her MA in International Security & Foreign Policy and International Development Cooperation. Some of her responsibilities at CityNet include coordinating with members in several countries and overall coordination of CityNet legislative meetings. She can be reached at

Hui Qian – Program Officer

Hui has a background of Sustainability Science and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory Compilation. She obtained a Master of Science in International Cooperation Policy from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (Japan) and a Master of Engineering in International Material Flow Management from Hochschule Trier (Germany). She is experienced in working under a multicultural environment with multidisciplinary cooperation. Prior to joining CityNet, she had worked at ICLEI East Asia Secretariat, with a focus on city-scale researches and projects. At CityNet, she supports to implement various capacity building projects and coordinate with members and partners in China. You are more than welcome to reach her at (Languages: Chinese, English and Japanese).

Megan Chow – Program Officer

Megan obtained a Master of Global Affairs and Policy from Yonsei University, and graduated from the University of British Columbia for her BA with a double major in Psychology and Korean Studies. Prior to joining CityNet, she worked at Yonsei University in the admissions office, where she organized events and spearheaded external communication. At CityNet, she is responsible for partners management, publications, and communication. She can be reached at

Chris Di Gennaro – Program Officer

Chris is keenly interested in the workings of cities and facilitating sustainable urban development. Previously, Chris worked at United Nations ESCAP to organize an urban innovation themed startup competition. Chris holds a Master of Korean Studies from Yonsei University’s Graduate School of International Studies and a Bachelor of Psychology from Vassar College. At CityNet, Chris is managing the Urban SDG Knowledge Platform, a joint project with ESCAP and the Seoul Metropolitan Government. He can be reached at


The National Chapters (NCs) are part of CityNet’s decentralization strategy and support CityNet Secretariat to reach out to its members, collect membership fees and recruit new members. There are six NCs:

The concept of the NCs was first conceived in 1993. CityNet members highlighted that greater coordination of members within a country would allow experience and expertise to be better shared, and partnerships to be more easily established. This does not reduce the significance of sharing the experience with other countries; it does, however, strengthen the overall ability of CityNet to reach its members even more effectively. The NC concept was approved and recognized at the Seventh Session of the CityNet Executive Committee in Makati, Philippines in 1994.

How to establish a National Chapter

CityNet members from the same country who are interested in establishing a NC have to first discuss the preliminary issues among themselves. Afterwards members from the same country hold a meeting to define the organization and structure of the NC they wish to establish. The CityNet Secretariat provides guidance but no financial support for establishing a new NC.

Organizational Structure

  • Define representative, office location, design charter, action plan, functional struchure and financial strategy, etc. of National Chapter.

Approval Process

  • Application submitted by focal point to Secretariat.
  • CityNet Executive Committee appoves


  • Accredited representative registers NC in accordance to local laws.

How to join a National Chapter or participate in its activities?

If you are interested in joining the activities of the NC in your country, please contact the designated focal point. The focal person will provide detailed information about ongoing activities and projects (for more information see NC profiles below).

National Chapter Bangladesh

CityNet NC Bangladesh was established in 1994. It consists of six full members and six associate members of CityNet. Its active members include six City Corporations (governing body of a large city) and Municipal Association of Bangladesh (MAB). NC Bangladesh’s organizational structure consists of President (Mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation), Vice President (Mayor of Khulna and Rajshahi City Corporation), Secretary General (Chief Executive Officer of Dhaka North City Cooperation), Auditor (Center for Urban Studies), focal point (Dr. Tariq Bin Yousuf) as well as 12 members.

Recent projects

• Green Campus Initiative through Climate and Disaster Resilient Activities in School (2014-2015)
• Creation of a Resilient Community through Knowledge Sharing and Awareness Building on Disaster Risk Reduction (2016-2017)


Name: Dr. Tariq Bin Yousuf
Phone: +88-02 985 5630

National Chapter India

CityNet National Chapter-India was established in 2013. Housing & Urban Development Corporation Limited (HUDCO) is its leading institution and host. The organizational structure of the NC India consists of Chairperson Dr. M. Ravikanth, Secretary General Dr. D. Subrahmanyam, Sr., focal point Executive Director (Training), and fifteen members. The Vision of City Net National Chapter is to establish healthy environment, an eco-friendly city in India. NC India is to act as the focal point and facilitator to coordinate with CityNet and other agencies for capacity building, research, technical study visits, and documentation.

Recent projects

• Improving Public Transport System- Addressing the missing links (2014)
• Transit Corridor Development (TCD): Framework and Guiding Principles (2016)


Name: Ms. Nila Pandian,
Executive Director (Training) HUDCO,
Phone: +91 11 2430 8611

National Chapter Indonesia

CityNet NC Indonesia was established in 2007 and is hosted by Sidoarjo City Government. Its organizational structure consists of a supervisory board, advisory board, followed by executive board (president, two vice presidents, secretary, and treasurer). Its management structure includes the Director of administration, Program director, as well as 25 members. NC Indonesia holds a congress every four years to elect a new host and president city.

Recent projects

  • Catfish Breeding for Business Development and Youth Empowerment in Sidoarjo Regency (2014)
  • Improving waste management at the village’s public health center in Sukabumi City (2015)
  • Aksiku.bdg: A Digital Platform for Neighborhood Data Mapping (2016)


Name: Mr. Ari Suryono
Phone: +62 812-3253-303

National Chapter Nepal

NC Nepal was established in 2001. In 2019 the National Society for Earthquake Technology Nepal (NSET) has expressed its interest to host the NC Nepal. In the coming months, NSET will reach out to CityNet members and partners in Nepal in order to jointly develop a proposal for a new organizational structure and strategy for CityNet’s NC Nepal.

Recent projects

  • School Sanitation and Public Toilet Projects (2010, 2012, 2013, 2016)
  • Installation of Streetlights in Putalibazar Municipality (2014)
  • Building Resilience of Municipalities and their Residents: Responding to the Nepal Earthquake (2015)


Name: Mr. Ganesh Kumar Jimee

National Chapter Philippines

NC Philippines was established in 2017 and is hosted by the Makati. National Chapter Philippines has a three-year term. The President shall automatically be from the host city, while the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor and PRO shall be elected every three years. The host city shall designate a secretariat and/or focal person in-charge of the day-to-day transaction of the chapter.


Name: Ms. Merlina Panganiban
Phone: +632 899 8958

National Chapter Sri Lanka

CityNet National Chapter Sri Lanka was established in 1997 with Colombo Municipal Council as the host organization. Its organizational structure consists of president, two vice presidents, treasurer, executive committee members which are confined only to Mayors of municipal councils, as well as secretary general, consultant, auditor, and 23 members (municipal councils).

Recent projects

• Community-run Computer Learning Centre Project (2014)
• Artistic Skill Training Project for Children of Low Income Communities (2015, 2016)


Name: Ms. Thamara Mallawaarachchi
Phone: +94 11 268 1198


Establishing the CITYNET Yokohama Project Office

On April 1, 2013, the City of Yokohama set up the CITYNET Yokohama Project Office (CYO) to continue knowledge sharing activities from Japan. The main task of the Yokohama Project Office shall be to initiate and implement projects with beneficiary cities based on their needs. The operation of CYO will be supported primarily through funds from Yokohama as stipulated in the TOR. Project funds are expected to be supported partially through the City of Yokohama as well as the funding agencies in collaboration with CITYNET Secretariat in Seoul. Its staff members are:

Mr. Teruhiko Okada

Head of CITYNET Yokohama Project Office

Mr. Teruhiko Okada worked at the City of Yokohama for more than 40 years. He previously worked for the Health and Social Welfare department of the City of Yokohama before being appointed as the Head of CYO.

Mr. Kendra Hirata

Director, Project Development

Mr. Kendra Hirata has worked in both the private and public sectors for several years conducting training for and managing of development projects. His previous experience includes leading a Japanese non-profit organisation, conducting projects in developing countries, as well as several years of living and working in developed and developing regions. He brings a balanced perspective into his work through CITYNET Yokohama Office. He previously worked for the CITYNET Secretariat in Yokohama and was assigned to his new position upon the Secretariat’s relocation to Seoul. He continues to provide his expertise for CYO by developing meaningful projects to improve urban communities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ms. Yukiko Kudou

Director, Administration

Ms. Yukiko Kudou has been dispatched to CityNet Yokohama Project Office from April 2020. She joined the City of Yokohama in 2004 and since then has worked in offices concerning legal affairs, gender equality, and family registry. She has a strong interest in contributing to development works through CityNet and learning more about the actual needs and conditions of CityNet members. She has a Master’s degree in International Law.

Ms. Sachiko Ohtake

Project Staff

Ms. Sachiko Ohtake’s long experience with managing CITYNET accounts has been a vital contribution and continues to be an asset to the office.


CITYNET Yokohama Project Office
5F International Cooperation Center
1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012 JAPAN


Phone: 045-223-2161
Fax: 045-223-2162


Establishing the CityNet-Plus Arts Center for Creative Partnerships

On April 1, 2021, Plus Arts NPO established the CityNet-Plus Arts Center for Creative Partnerships in Kobe to expand knowledge sharing from Japan. The Center for Creative Partnerships will support CityNet members in strengthening their disaster education programmes, including the establishment of DRR learning centres, and by enhancing the capacity building of public officials through creative and innovative solutions for multi-sector challenges. The Center for Creative Partnerships is primarily supported by staff and funding from Plus Arts.

Plus Arts was launched in 2006. Learning from the lessons of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake (Kobe Earthquake, 1995), Plus Arts formulated the "Have Fun while Learning about Disasters" programme that utilizes design and art to raise awareness on disaster prevention, and carries out promotional activities through workshops and exhibitions held domestically and abroad. In cooperation with overseas partners, it implements programmes that are flexibly adapted to local needs, so that disaster education originating in Japan is also widely disseminated overseas. It has improved the level of disaster awareness among students, communities, organizations and local authorities in many parts of the world.

The staff members of the CityNet-Plus Arts Center for Creative Partnerships are:

Mr. Hirokazu Nagata - Chairperson, Director

A planner and producer, Mr. Hirokazu Nagata founded the City Culture Creation Research Institute in 2001. He also established Plus Arts NPO in 2006. Since August 2012, he has been working as the Vice Director of the Design and Creative Center Kobe and in 2021 he was appointed as the Director of the same center. His major planning and production achievements include Iza! Kaeru Caravan! since 2005 which is a DRR education program, Earthquake Expo in 2006, and Chibikkobe since 2012. He is also the recipient of the 15th JICA President’s Award Commendation.

Ms. Junko Miyata - Chief Staff, Program Officer

Ms. Junko Miyata has worked at Plus Arts from July 2015. She has worked in both the private and public/government sectors for several years mostly engaged in international cultural exchange programs. She is in charge of international cooperation projects, such as School Club Based Resilient Community Model Project and edits booklets for private companies. She got a certificate in Bousaishi in 2016. Bousaishi is a disaster prevention expert certification in Japan.

Mr. Mitsunori Yasuda - Chief Staff, Program Officer

Mr. Mitsunori Yasuda is from Kyotango, Kyoto. He has been employed at Plus Arts since September 2019. Before Plus Arts, he organized Red Bear Survival Camp, a program designed to teach survival techniques at his former elementary school. He also set up a new type of disaster prevention enlightenment program which trains children to teach community residents on disaster prevention. He is in charge of the domestic disaster programs such as Iza! Kaeru Caravan! and teaching courses on disaster prevention. He is certified as Japan BBQ association instructor.

Mr. Kazuyoshi Mitsuda - Staff, Program Officer

Mr. Kazuyoshi Mitsuda is a new employee at Plus Arts. He is active in the frontline activities applying his technical skills for the programs. He is supporting the development of disaster educational material, disaster prevention events such as Iza! Kaeru caravan! and editorial design for private sectors.

Ms. Masayo Morimoto - Part-time Staff

Ms. Masayo Morimoto is responsible for procurement, online sales, shipping and handling of Plus Arts material and related administrative duties. Previously she lived in the Midwest of the United States. She speaks Japanese and English.

Ms. Takako Nakamura - Accounting and General Affairs

Ms. Takako Nakamura is from Kobe. She is in charge of the accounting and general affairs. Previously she also worked in accounting in the private sector companies. She is working behind the scenes to support our members.


CityNet-Plus Arts Center for Creative Partnerships
c/o Plus Arts NPO
Design and Creative Center Kobe 307
1-4 Onohama-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 651-0082


Phone: +81-78-335-1335
Fax: +81-78-335-1339



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