Iloilo City ExCom Team Explores Partners in Seoul

From the 8th to the 12th, the Iloilo City Executive Committee Team visited Seoul Metropolitan Government, to prepare for its 44th Executive Committee Meeting to be held in Iloilo City on November 17-21, 2024. The team also visited Seoul Urban Solutions Agency to explore potential collaboration and the participated in the Seoul International Travel Fair 2024, and benchmark its organizing aspects for their upcoming event.

Following the meeting with CityNet Secretariat on 9th, the team visited Seoul Outdoor Library, Seoul World Cup Stadium, and traditional markets near the Han River. These visits allowed the Iloilo City Team to observe the current programs of Seoul Metropolitan Government. The team also experienced Seoul’s public transportation system, gaining insights into is infrastructure and roadways.

On the 10th, the Iloilo City ExCom Team visited the Seoul Urban Solutions Agency (SUSA) to explore potential cooperation with SUSA, SMG, Iloilo City, and CityNet. They discussed collaboration possibilities, focusing on city-to-city cooperation and capacity-building programs. The Iloilo team showed strong interest in a smart city system and discussed challenges in integrating digital systems across city functions.

They also expressed interest in developing big data capabilities for AI data analytics. SUSA shared its successful practices in capacity-building and smart city projects. CityNet and SUSA discussed facilitating these efforts through new programs, stressing city-to-city cooperation and the role of local governments in infrastructure projects. Additionally, the SMG ODA department introduced their study abroad plan for students from developing countries.

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