2023 Aug. E-News from the CITYNET Yokohama Project Office

CityNet Secretariat would like to share the E-news from our CityNet Yokohama Project Office


Due to the relocation of the CYO within the same building at the end of March 2023 and changes in the staff structure from April, we would like to inform you of the following changes in contact information.


  • E-mail: citynetyokohama@gmail.com
  • TEL: +81-45-221-1214, FAX: +81-45-664-7145
  • Address: Yokohama International Organizations Center 6F, 1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama, JAPAN 220-0012


CYO welcomes the new Head of Office and the new Director of Administration

  • Rumi Kurita has succeeded Mr. Nobuyuki Onozaki as the Head of Office from July 1, 2023. She brings over 30 years of experience from working in local government. She hopes to contribute to the further prosperity of member cities, companies, and organizations by deepening connections and collaborations.
  • Akiko Yamakoshi, the Director of Administration dispatched from the City of Yokohama from April 1, 2023 is the successor of Ms. Yukiko Kudo. She joined the City of Yokohama in 2013 and since then has worked in departments related to waste management and family registry. She is interested in city-to-city cooperation to solve urban issues and contributing to development works through CityNet.


Save the Date to Attend the 12th Asia Smart City Conference (12th ASCC)

With the support of the CityNet Secretariat, the conference will be held by the City of Yokohama in November 2023. This in-person event will be open to all CityNet members. Details will be announced on the website soon. 


[Overview of the 12th ASCC]

Dates: November 13th, 14th and 15th, 2023
– Nov. 13th: Site visit
– Nov. 14th and 15th: Thematic sessions and networking/business matching events
Registration: Pre-registration required. Free to join.
 (A Registration page will be available around October 2023 on the website above.)

*The CityNet SDGs Cluster Seminar will be held during one of the thematic sessions at the ASCC. We are planning a seminar and site visit on topics such as carbon neutrality and VLR (Voluntary Local Review). More information will be provided at a later date.

*The conference will be held in conjunction with the Y-SHIP Convention. Y-SHIP (Yokohama Showcasing Highly Innovative Pioneers) is an international convention hosted by the City of Yokohama, inviting highly innovative pioneers from around the world to take center stage as we work to solve global issues. For more information, please refer to the Y-SHIP Convention website.

I. Incheon officials visit Yokohama SDGs Design Center

In the spirit of sharing best SDGs practices as they relate to sustainable urban development, a delegation of officials from partner city of Yokohama and CityNet member city Incheon, South Korea, visited the Yokohama SDGs Design Center on 24th May, 2023. Mr. Aso, General Coordinator of the Center, gave a presentation on the efforts to realize “SDGs Future City Yokohama,” introducing specific examples such as the Yokohama Wood Straw Project that uses thin wood from forests at Yokohama’s water source. Mr. Yazawa from the City of Yokohama introduced Yokohama’s VLR initiatives and shared examples of SDGs implementation gleaned from the city’s participation in the SDGs Leadership Cities Network. Yokohama is determined to continue disseminating the SDGs to a wide range of people, both in Japan and abroad, and to promote proactive efforts toward the realization of a sustainable world.


II. Workshop to Pioneer YOKOHAMA’s Tomorrow

On 2nd June, the anniversary of the opening of Yokohama’s port, elementary and junior high school students from the city gathered at City Hall to discuss the future of Yokohama. Some students from the Minato Mirai Honcho Elementary School performed the school song that they created last year. They also announced that in the process of creating the school song, they were able to have two exchange meetings with the 23rd Elementary School in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. These exchange meetings were part of CityNet’s Youth Action Program, and through the exchanges, they realized that the things that make them happy and the futures they envision are not so different. Mayor Yamanaka also attended the event and said that he was very encouraged and moved by the children’s presentation of their activities and their serious consideration of what they can do to help the future of Yokohama. We would like to enhance these next-generation exchange initiatives this year and continue them next year and beyond.


III. Seoul mayor visits Yokohama

Mayor Oh Se-hoon of Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), South Korea, visited Yokohama on 23rd June and met with Mayor Yamanaka of the City of Yokohama. They exchanged views on urban design, the development of the Minato Mirai 21 district, which Mayor Oh is highly interested in, and CityNet, to which SMG and the City of Yokohama are deeply committed for the development of Asian cities. Mayor Yamanaka also introduced the International Horticultural Expo 2027 (GREEN×EXPO 2027) to be held in Yokohama, and called for efforts to address common issues related to climate change and biodiversity. Both cities expressed their desire to continue to cooperate and collaborate in a variety of fields.

Seoul Urban Solutions Agency (SUSA) also came to Yokohama as a visiting delegation, and a discussion with Yokohama Urban Solution Alliance (YUSA) was held on the same day. They introduced their efforts to solve urban issues in emerging cities in Asia and other regions, and engaged in a lively discussion. We will keep our eyes on the future collaboration between SUSA and YUSA.


IV. 50th anniversary of Yokohama Waterworks Bureau International Contribution

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Yokohama Waterworks Bureau (YWWB)’s international contribution. On 10th July, a commemorative ceremony was held at City Hall to look back on YWWB’s international contribution activities. Since YWWB first dispatched staff to Afghanistan in 1973, they have dispatched a total of more than 400 staff to 34 countries for international cooperative activities, mainly in Africa and Asia, and have also accepted trainees from these countries. They have shared their technology and know-how in water supply business in order to contribute to the improvement of water conditions in emerging countries. From 1999 to 2012, YWWB jointly organized training programs for member cities with CityNet, and accepted more than 90 trainees under this program. With the growing importance of safe water supply in the world, they are determined to continue international contributions toward achieving SDGs Goal 6.

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