CityNet Meets with Mayor Chen of Kaohsiung

In a recent meeting, the CEO Jeongkee Kim, accompanied by the CityNet team, engaged in discussions with Mayor Chen Chi-mai of Kaohsiung City to delve into critical topics of sustainability, smart cities, and collaborative governance.

During the meeting, CEO Kim highlighted how Mayor Chen’s focus on Kaohsiung’s commitment to international cooperation in addressing climate change resonates deeply with CityNet’s mission. Notably, the CityNet team was thrilled to hear Mayor Chen’s feedback on how Kaohsiung has leveraged CityNet’s extensive network and resources to learn from successful governance experiences of other member cities, enhancing its resilience and sustainability efforts.

CityNet’s contributions extend beyond facilitating dialogue to tangible outcomes. CityNet team was pleased to hear that through active participation in CityNet’s Climate Change Cluster and engagement with fellow member cities, Kaohsiung has gained valuable insights and forged meaningful partnerships. These efforts not only empower Kaohsiung but also contribute to the collective resilience and sustainability of cities across the Asia-Pacific region.

As CityNet continues to facilitate impactful collaborations and knowledge sharing, the meeting with Mayor Chen Chi-mai exemplifies the organization’s commitment to driving positive change and fostering sustainable urban development for a brighter future.


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