AIILSG visits CityNet

On 14 October, the Deputy Director General of All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG), Mr. Ravi Ranjan Guru, visited CityNet Secretariat.

Established in 1926, AIILSG has been working closely with states and the central government of India, as well as international organizations like CityNet. AIILSG has also been a dedicated member of CityNet since 1989. As the newly elected ExCom Member from the 9th General Council, AIILSG is very committed to contributing to the CityNet network.

AIILSG plans to hold the 6th Asian Cities Summit in April 2023 in Delhi, India, where members of CityNet are invited to participate to promote best practices in sustainable urban development. Keep an eye on news coming from the Secretariat on more news of this upcoming conference!


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