Calling Solutions for Green Transitions for Industrial Cities​
Calling Solutions for Green Transitions for Industrial Cities​

Industrial cities have made significant contributions to the economies of many countries, but the long-term pursuit of industrial and economic development has also placed severe environmental pressures on cities. With the global drive towards net-zero emissions and digitalisation, industrial cities must face these challenges and take action. 

Kaohsiung, as a major industrial city in Taiwan and a centuries-old port city, is also facing the challenges of the net-zero transition and the impact of climate risks. Therefore, we invite global industrial and port cities to join Kaohsiung in seeking solutions from cities and partners to common transformation challenges, which will not only facilitate knowledge sharing, learning and cooperation among cities, but also empower global cities to move together towards a green, sustainable and smartly governed future.


The main theme of the call is ” Green transitions for industrial cities ” with the following sub-themes:
1  Sustainable Energy

Urban solutions that facilitate the transition to smart energy systems in a human-centered, community-based, and environmentally responsible way, while helping cities reduce emissions without sacrificing energy security, economic prosperity, or residents’ well-being.


2 Green Living

Urban solutions that promote digital inclusion, social cohesion, behavioral changes, and environmental health through developing smart, sustainable, inclusive, low-carbon infrastructure, fostering vibrant ecosystems and living environments, and re-aligning green incentives for citizens.


3 Urban Resilience

Urban solutions that effectively facilitate long-lasting societal well-being, public health, community adaptation, and a safe city for all in the face of changing environments and societies.

We invite especially industrial and port cities to share innovative urban strategies, solutions and partnerships that leverage technology, governance or business models to actively promote green behavior in society while fostering a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. In particular, the call aims to stimulate the adoption of smart, adaptable and practical solutions, ensuring that no one is left behind on the journey to a greener future. 

Outstanding proposals in each category will be invited to showcase their achievements to the world at the 2024 City Climate Summit (City COP) and the Kaohsiung Smart City Summit & Expo (SCSE). In addition, the team will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Kaohsiung City Government to implement out the solution in Kaohsiung.

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