City Profile Guideline


To promote information exchange and networking amongst CITYNET members, you are requested to submit a profile of your city.


The profile of a city should not exceed 2 pages in length, including figures, diagrams or maps and must be typed in A4 portrait size format. Your submission will be printed as how we receive them. Therefore, we request you to format your information as clearly as and as informatively as possible.

How to reply

The city profile should be sent via mail/e-mail with electronic file to the CITYNET Secretariat. Please also enclose any materials introducing your city available for our references.


The City Profile will contain the following information.

1. Title

1) Name of the City
2) Logo
3) Country
4) Name of Mayor
5) Map

2. Introduction of the City No restrictions in contents, but within 4 lines

3. City Data at a Glance

1) Population (persons) Inside administrative boundaries
2) Growth Rate of Population (%)
3) Number of Households
4) Area (km2) Inside administrative boundaries
5) Climate Average, the highest and the lowest temperature(C) / Annual rainfall (mm)
6) Major Industry
7) Major Language
8) Major Religion

4. Photographs of the City Whatever you want to show

5. Visions of the City No restrictions in contents, but within 4 lines

6. Urban Issues and Projects

1) Current Urban Issues / Challenges
2) Main Projects Undertaken

7. Technical Cooperation

1) What type of cooperation is needed
2) What type of cooperation you can offer

8. Life in the City (examples)

1) Annual Income per capita (USD)
2) Children per Elementary School Class
3) Number of Cinemas
4) Number of Doctors per 1000 people
5) Transportation Portion by Facilities
6) Rate of Waterworks Supply (%) Percentage of households with access to waterworks
7) Rate of Sewerage Coverage (%) Percentage of households with a connection to sewerage
8) Park Area per capita (m2)

9. City Administration

1) Administrative Hierarchy
2) Organization
3) Number of Public Officer
4) Annual Revenue and Expenditure with main Sources

10. Contact Person for CITYNET

1) Name
2) Job Title or Official Position
3) Address
4) Tel / Fax / E-mail / Website

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