CityNet and ICDI Explore Collaboration for Upcoming Events

On August 11, CityNet Secretariat held a significant meeting with key representatives from the International Climate Development Institute (ICDI), including Mr. Yu-Cheng Chang, Senior Manager of ICDI, and Ms. Lin Ting Huang, Project Manager of ICDI, along with other distinguished members. The primary purpose of this meeting was to discuss ongoing collaboration for the City Leadership Program (CLP) and other forthcoming events. The meeting was attended by Mr. Jamie Paulo Mora, Deputy Director of CityNet and Ms. Jiyon Shin, Program Officer of CityNet.

The meeting provided a valuable opportunity for CityNet to express its strong interest in combining expertise for events, such as the CLP and the Sustainable City Forum. CityNet committed to supporting the promotion of the program ‘Calling Solutions for Green Transitions for Industrial Cities’ initiated by the City of Kaohsiung. In line with this commitment, CityNet will extend more opportunities to Cluster Members in promoting sustainable urban transitions in industrial cities.

During the meeting, CityNet and ICDI encompassed the comprehensive preparation schedule, along with plans for the awards ceremony for the forums. Discussions extended to the selection of speakers and their specific thematic areas. Furthermore, CityNet has solidified its dedication to intensify engagement within the climate change clusters in the upcoming year.

For the 2023 TWACAE forum, ICDI emphasized the significance of securing proficient speakers who possess a comprehensive understanding of successful practices, especially those from Seoul. These speakers are crucial in conveying effective strategies from Seoul and other countries at the forum. Tokyo’s representatives will also share their exemplary practices with cluster members.

CityNet Secretariat warmly welcomed this collaborative opportunity with ICDI, aimed at advancing initiatives that promote upcoming events. Through continuous collaboration with ICDI, CityNet will maintain a strong partnership and extend diverse and plentiful opportunities to CityNet Members.

This article has been written by Program Assistant Jihyun Baek, who can be reached at


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