CityNet-Plus Arts Center for Creative Partnerships, December 2023

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Updates from the School Club Based Resilient Community Model Project

The School Club Based Resilient Community Model Project (SCBRCMP) is part of Plus Art’s initiative in Nepal to boost community-level disaster preparedness through creative education. The project involves establishing DRR Clubs in model schools that work on not only student training and interest development but also community outreach and wider knowledge dissemination. After receiving training and support throughout the club development process, the model schools can share their proven methodology and resources with other schools, creating a virtuous cycle. School clubs can become an effective mechanism for knowledge dissemination by rallying the skills, creativity, and energy of member teachers and students to produce educational materials and implement coordinated outreach programs in their communities.

The three-year timeline of the SCBRCMP will build on the progress of previous projects and focus on further teacher training and curriculum development, and the formal integration of DRR education into school systems. Please read more details on our website.The following articles are the latest updates from the project.

Hazard Risk Mapping, see page 2 of the newsletter


Teachers Workshop Enriches DRR Knowledge and Inspires Action

On October 5, teachers and faculty from the model schools participated in a Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop hosted at the Mitra DRR Learning Center. The one-day program incorporated game demonstrations and hands-on activities with lectures and group discussions to expand and reinforce the participants’ understanding of DRR concepts while equipping them with effective teaching strategies.

Under the facilitation of the project coordinator, the teachers examined concepts such as vulnerabilityexposuresensitivity, and capacity, and explored preparednessresponserecovery, and prevention strategies. This introduced common language and knowledge frameworks that are foundational to further productive discussion. The teachers also tried different educational games, including a dodgeball game to illustrate the importance of collaboration in minimizing the impact of natural disasters.

After the workshop, the teachers expressed their dedication to implementing their learnings within their schools and broader communities.


Japan Study Visit Teachers Organize Experience Sharing Program

On December 1, the teachers returning from the Japan study visit hosted an experience sharing session for the other teachers of the project where they showcased their learnings, including various activities they experienced in Japan.

  • Smoke Evacuation Training: The teachers used blindfolds and blankets to simulate crawling through a smoke-filled room.
  • Bucket Relay: Teaching different types of bucket relay is also a part of the teachers’ action plan.
  • Balloon Extinguisher: The water balloon toss exercise was enjoyed by the session participants. Paintings of fire were used to decorate the target.


This issue also covers the following topics:
  • Dengue Awareness Game & Hazard Risk Mapping
  • DRR Education is Introduced at Arniko School, Kathmandu
  • DRR Education Activities Continue Throughout Festival Season
  • Bosai Tip of the Month
  • Teachers Debrief Japan Study Visit and Present Action Plan
  • Season’s greetings from the CityNet-Plus Arts Center for Creative Partnerships!
To read the newsletter in full, please click here.

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