[COVID19] CityNet’s Response, Resources and Initiatives

*Given the current crisis, CityNet wishes to share information on some concrete steps and way forward from examples of various cities that may support your efforts in containing the virus and the rehabilitation once there are signs of improvements.

This page will serve as a reference for all actions and initiatives taken by the CityNet Secretariat to assist its members during this difficult period to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic. In an effort to multiply and increase our impact, we have also gathered and curated some information, report, documents and initiatives from other organisations that could prove useful for your city in its fight against COVID-19.

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CityNet Webinar I — Consultation Series on rapid responses for COVID-19

CityNet Webinar II — Impacts of Business Continuity Plan (BCP) during Pandemics

Interview with Seoul Metropolitan Government on COVID-19 Responses — Consultation Series on rapid responses for COVID-19

CityNet Webinar IV — Reflections on COVID 19: What the Data reveal

CityNet Special Publication — Local Responses and Measures to COVID-19

Partner Organisations Initiatives Against COVID-19

Useful Resources, Reports, and Documents including Best Practices


Partner Organisations Initiatives Against COVID-19

This section will serve as a reference for actions and initiatives taken by CityNet’s Partner organisations, that can assist its member city to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Title (Link)
2020 Sustainable City Forum – Smart City Summit and Expo (SCSE)ICDI29 Jul 2020
Exploring Effects and Results of COVID-19 in the AmericasWeGO24 Jul 2020
Post 2020 Local and Subnational Government Information WebinarsICLEI’s Cities Biodiversity Center23 Jul 2020
Building back better: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic to enhance the role of parliaments in reducing risks of disastersUNDRR GETI, WHO & IPU09 Jul 2020
Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic series – COVID-19: Responding, Re-opening and Recovery Towards Resilience of Cities UNDRR GETI & WHO (co-organized with UCLG & ICLEI)08 Jul 2020

Build Back Better: How to Prepare for the Coming Climate Disruption

WRI07 Jul 2020
Joint ESCAP-OSJD Virtual Meeting of Experts on Challenges & Opportunities for International Railway Transport along TAR Network and beyond in the times of COVID-19 PandemicUnited Nations ESCAP & Organization for Cooperation between Railways (OSJD)07 Jul 2020

Live Learning Experience on Food Security

UCLG, Metropolis & UN-Habitat02 Jul 2020

The Case for the Ocean as a Dual Solution to Climate Change and COVID-19 Recovery

WRI@London Climate Action Week 202002 Jul 2020
Policy relevance and measurement of international spillover effects in the SDG and Covid-19 contextUNSDSN and GIZ02 Jul 2020
Managing COVID-19 Pandemic – Experiences & Best Practices of China, Japan and the Republic of KoreaUnited Nations ESCAP02 Jul 2020

Build Back Better: How Climate Action Can Accelerate COVID-19 Recovery

WRI & Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,01 Jul 2020
Webinar series: Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic: Building resilience to cascading disasters through regional cooperation in South AsiaUnited Nations ESCAP01 Jul 2020

Multilateral Development Banks and the Green Economy Transition: An Address by EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti

WRI Finance Center
30 Jun 2020
Ministry of the Environment of Japan
Cabinet Office Japan
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)
30 Jun 2020
Adaptation Finance: A core component of post-COVID-19 economic recoveryICLEI Africa &CoMSSA30 Jun 2020
Virtual Regional Launch: Leveraging ocean resources for sustainable development of small island developing StatesUnited Nations ESCAP30 Jun 2020
Asia-Pacific Stats Cafe series: Conducting a census during the Covid-19 pandemic: challenges and approachesUnited Nations ESCAP29 Jun 2020
Webinar: Smart Health Responder WebinarWeGO29 May 2020
Webinar: Disaster-Responsive Social Protection: Lessons from COVID-19UNDRR-FAO-ESCAP28 May 2020
Webinar: Planning for Climate Change during COVID-19 crisisUNDRR27 May 2020
Webinar: merging Technologies in Response to COVID-19: Blockchain, ICT and Data for Pandemic ManagementUNDRR GETI-WHO-Global Policy House26 May 2020
Webinar: Cities on the Frontlines: Towards the Pandemic-Resilient CityGRCN-World Bank21 May 2020
Webinar: Beyond Good Healthcare: Designing Healthy CitiesCentre for Livable Cities21 May 2020



Useful Resources, Reports, and Documents including Best Practices

This section will serve as a reference for useful resources, reports and documents, such as best practices, curated by CityNet, that can assist member city to tackle the COVID-19 epidemic.

[Click on the document title to access the document link]

Title (Link)
Measures and activities undertaken by Dhankuta Municipality to prevent COVID-19 infectionDhankuta Municipality, Nepal
Cities policy responsesOECD
Korea’s Response to COVID-19 and Future DirectionKorean Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters
COVID-19, Testing Time for RESILIENCE in recovering from COVID-19: Korean experienceGovernment of the Republic of Korea
How Korea Responded to a Pandemic Using ICTGovernment of the Republic of Korea
Tackling COVID-19; Health, Quarantine and Economic Measures: Korean ExperienceGovernment of the Republic of Korea
CAC (Cities Against COVID-19)Seoul Metropolitan Government
Shared Responsibility, Global Solidarity: Responding to the socio-economic impacts of COVID-19United Nations
Is Your Business Resilient to COVID-19; Planning ToolUNDRR
The Impact and Policy Responses for COVID-19 in Asia and the PacificUnited Nations ESCAP
The First Few X (FFX) Cases and contact investigation protocol for 2019-novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) infectionWHO
Severe Acute Respiratory Infections Treatment CentreWHO
Learning From Seoul to Control COVID-19: Transparency, Accountability, SolidarityWRI (TheCityFix)

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📣UNITAR CIFAL Jeju is holding a #VirtualWorkshop series on #SocialProtection, with a spotlight on #InformalWorkers. The event will take place on three sessions from March 18-25, at 3 PM KST.

📝Register before March 12: www.cifaljeju.org/bbs/board.php?bo_table=sub05_3&wr_id=105

While fighting the spread of #COVID19, countering measures like lockdowns and social distancing have affected informal workers disproportionately, who suffered from a higher risk of falling into extreme #poverty, as their economic activities were severely disrupted by those measures.

Informal workers usually work in poor occupational safety and health surroundings with poor access to social protection services. They are easily exposed to the risk of illness and injury. Even before the pandemic, access to healthcare was almost out of reach for these workers because the cost of such services was far too high for their earning.

This virtual event will discuss various approaches to social protection with a focus on informal workers in the pandemic situation, and explore how social protection can be applied in different contexts. Participants will be given an opportunity to share their own case studies and get engaged in designing #ActionPlans for better implementation of social protection strategies in line with their own national and local context.
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#ICDI's #SustainableCityMainForum2021 on #SustainableRecovery will be held on Mar 24, 2021 from 3:50 to 7 PM (GMT+9)! CityNet SG, Vijay Jagannathan will be delivering opening remarks.

To participate please register via this link:https://reurl.cc/DvXD7O