Localized Training on Leadership Development in Lalitpur

Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) hosted a localized training on leadership development with support of CityNet Project Office Yokohama and CityNet Secretariat. The workshop was held throughout November to December divided into three different sessions; Training on Good Governance, Training for Organizing and Conducting Effective Meetings, and Training on Leadership Development.

Nearly 15 months ago, an elected government was reinstated after two decades in Lalitpur. Lalitpur Sub Metropolitan City was upgraded to Metropolitan City with the addition of responsibility to provide services in more than 20 sectors. The newly elected government was facing challenges to exercise authority vested on them and provide effective services to its population. The training was organized in order to share the needed knowledge for governance.

The first workshop, Training on Principles and Practice of Good Governance, was held in November. It was organized in order to orient elected officials on principle of good governance and equip them to practice good governance for the effective delivery of services.

The second workshop, Training on Organizing and Conducting Effective Meetings, was held on 7-8 December. The main objective of the workshop was focused on the delivery of basic knowledge to organize productive meetings and equip the officials to be a good meeting organizer. The training contents were covered from introductory sessions such as tone setting and leveling expectations, to technical sessions such as discussion on type of meetings, conducting various types of meeting, and a mock session on conducting meetings.

The third workshop was held from 14-15December to help LMC officials lay their leadership roles effective by sharing knowledge on skills required for an effective leader. The activities included discussion on leaderships such as qualities of a good leader and an action plan for leadership development. The workshop featured various interactive sessions in which elected officials such as Deputy Mayor Ms. Gita Satyal as well as many Division Heads of LMC took an active role. Kendra Hirata, Director of CityNet Project Office Yokohama, the two Program Officers from CityNet Secretariat Rina Hwang and Felix Kalkowsky participated in the third training.

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