Satellite Office

IMG_0036The CITYNET Satellite Office (SO) located in Mumbai, India was formed to enable CITYNET to enhance its reach, particularly in the South Asian region where more than 40% of its members are located. The SO was an initiative of the 22nd Session of the CITYNET Executive Committee, held in Mumbai in 2006 and has established itself with generous support from the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).  The Satellite Office acts  as a catalyst in bringing together the developing cities of the subregion, pooling their knowledge, expertise and experiences to fulfill their potential and help achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Former Municipal Commissioner, Dr. J.M. Patak and Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Mr. Rajendra Vale took a personal interest in equipping and strengthening the office, which is currently by and large self-sufficient. Currently the Satellite Office is run by Mr. Kiran Achrekar, the Deputy Municipal Commissioner (General Administration) of MCGM.

The SO is currently deliberating on a large number of activities to be undertaken over the coming years. As part of its effort to understand the needs of Indian cities and local governments, an assessment particularly on MDG achievement and status is  being planned. The SO will also carry out comprehensive communication and information activities to ensure CITYNET’s outreach, not only within local government bodies, but also among local citizens.

+91-22-2262-0251 (Extn. 2003)