Rethinking Cities: Urbanization and Technology

In partnership with INHAF, the CityNet Secretariat hosted on September 18th, a webinar titled ‘Rethinking Cities: Urbanization and Technology’ on the role technology has played and will play in promoting sustainable and inclusive urbanization.


  • Vijay Jagannathan, Secretary General, CityNet


  • Sam Pitroda, Chairman, Pitroda Group
  • Hyeon Park, Professor/Dean, International School of Urban Sciences, University of Seoul
  • Arvind Tiwary, Founder, Sangennovate

Urbanization and Technology brings together three eminent persons with deep domain knowledge on technology applications, economic and urban development.

The speakers presented their views on the role technology has played and will play in promoting sustainable and inclusive urbanization; not only from the perspectives of promoting jobs for approximately 40 per cent population still in poverty, but also from the perspective of building resilience to the growing challenges caused by climate change and unimaginable pandemics such as the ongoing COVID19.

Sam Pitroda, entrepreneur and visionary. He has been widely recognized as the person who introduced India into the digital age in the 1980s through his influence on the then Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi.  This initiative spawned the massive software industry that is now the pride of the country and an integral part of the globalized economy we live in today.

Professor Hyeon Park, Dean of the School for International Affairs at the University of Seoul has deep knowledge on urban development issues, and spoke about the successful Korean urbanization experience, which has leveraged technology to improve governance and urban planning through sustained community engagement.

Arvind Tiwary brings 35+ years of Industry experience, with a multi-disciplinary perspective that have helped financial institution leverage investment opportunities in Information Technology in several countries of the world. Arvind runs TiE IoTForum and has been involved with the Smart Cities Mission.

The session was moderated by Dr. Vijay Jagannathan, Secretary General of Citynet and Senior Fellow, World Resources Institute, Washington DC, who has been associated with urban development and infrastructure financing for many decades.

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