Urban Transport workshop focusing on BRT

The 2018 Transportation Strategy Workshop for Asian Cities focusing on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) taking place from 9-15 July 2018 is a collaboration between CityNet Secretariat, Seoul Human Resource Development Center (SHRDC), and The World Bank. The workshop connected urban transport professionals from Bogor, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Nang to discuss BRT best practices and transportation problems in the Asia Pacific region. Participants had the opportunity to exchange innovative practices and explore potential solutions of the problems arose.

Asia Pacific is the world’s fastest urbanizing region, however, transportation network and infrastructure are still poor to meet the needs of heavily growing population that resulted with many Asian cities suffering from traffic problems.

Based on the survey conducted by CityNet and SHRDC to the participants of the Transportation Strategy Workshop for Asian Cities in 2016, the most interesting and applicable topic on transportation is the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and transfer system.

This year’s  workshop offered a series of discussions with urban actors for sustainable policy making and an opportunity to strategize a new agenda for urban transportation. It also provided a unique opportunity to transfer knowledge and exchange best practices on BRT and transfer system through study visit.

The training sessions included the Transport History of Seoul, Introduction to the Seoul’s BRT system, BRT Planning System, BRT System Implementation, and problem solving.

During this training programme, each participant was expected to share an insight into their city’s  policies or specific plans on their BRT system to find feasible solutions for the existing problems. The purpose of this session is to give each participant an opportunity to share their experiences (including successes, failures and future strategies) with other participants from different cities.

Based  on each city’s current situation, participants worked on feasible ‘Action Plan’ to address the issues they’re facing particularly reflecting on the learning experience and knowledge gained throughout the workshop.

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