2019 Workshop: The Ways to Make Your City More Livable through Lighting

Invitation to ‘2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop’

– The Ways to Make Your City More Livable through Lighting –

We are very pleased to invite you to the ‘2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop’ in Seoul, Korea June 25-28, 2019 organized by Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) and LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International).

After starting with the endeavors to activate exchanges among who are engaging in urban lighting in Asian cities since 2017, the 2018 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop brought together city representatives from 23 cities of 16 nations in June last year and concluded successfully with the dedicated participation of each lighting professional.

At this time, we will look over some of ways which might be useful to make your city more livable through lighting so that it could light your thought up and even give some inspirations to the cities. Under the vision of improving Quality of Life and sustainable development by adapting appropriate lightings in each city, the theme of the workshop is classified into 3 ways.

One way is to use the artistic and vibrant aspect of urban lightings especially applicable to a lighting festival and lighting in cultural heritage sites. Moreover, increasing city safety and decreasing light pollution are another way to make your city a better place. For sustainable urban development, most of all, being eco-friendly is an indispensable way.

Let us get this unique platform to learn about city’s cases and get inspired from meaningful lectures and interactive sessions. And, finally, it will offer a chance to get a new idea to be applied in our own cities, and also  be a bridge that can connect cities which have different backgrounds so give the cities a foundation of the future exchanges and cooperation.

Should you have any inquiries that you would like to bring up at the workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us at aulw2019@thegdfactory.com (2019 Asia Urban Lighting Workshop Secretariat) and lroa.tc@seoul.go.kr  (LUCI Regional Office for Asia). To register, please submit the following application form before 10 May 2019 to the Secretariat at aulw2019@thegdfactory.com or LUCI Regional Office for Asia (LROA) at lroa.tc@seoul.go.kr: FORM

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The third and final session of CityNet's Climate Leadership Program (#CLP) will be taking place tomorrow (Sept. 25), at 3:00 PM KST! CLP is an online 🌐 #leadership and peer-based learning series that aims to increase the capacities of #climatechange practitioners in the #AsiaPacific. 🌏

For those who didn't manage to sign up but would still like to watch, you can watch the live stream here: youtu.be/Evt0sH8zPKo.

The speakers for tomorrow's session are as follows:

Dicky Edwin Hindarto is the Advisor for Indonesia Joint Crediting System (JCM) implementation, after four years of acting as the head of the Indonesia JCM Secretariat. Mr. Hindarto has wide experience in climate change negotiations, and has served as a lead negotiator and focal point for various climate change action and carbon market cooperations.

Qing Liu is the Carbon Market Business Manager at China Emission Exchange (CEEX) Guangzhou. In her work with CEEX Guangzhou, Ms. Liu is involved with knowledge exchanges on Guangdong carbon trading with foreign universities and practitioners in low-carbon areas.

Dr. Felicia Jiang is an Associate Researcher of Natural Resources Policy at the Ministry of Natural Resources. Dr. Jiang specializes in mining policy research and the public administration of natural resources. She has a background in resource management and technical-economic evaluation.

Mayor Bima Arya Sugiarto is the Mayor of Bogor City. He is in his sixth year as Mayor and has the goal of developing Bogor as a Smart City, a Heritage City, and a Green City. Bogor has successfully increased its green spaces across the city, has been focusing on ecomobility as a priority of development. Under his leadership, Bogor City was awarded the Smart City rating by the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs.

Allendri B. Angeles is the Acting City Environment and Natural Resources Officer and the Solid Waste Management Officer of Pasig City. During his 13 years as a Solid Waste Management Officer, he has led Pasig City to receive numerous awards. Pasig City has consistently been named as one of the best at implementing local innovations on solid waste management in Metro Manila.
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Tomorrow @ 6:00 PM (IST)
“Urbanisation and Technology”

The speakers will present their views on the role technology has played and will play in promoting sustainable and inclusive urbanization.

REGISTER: https://bit.ly/3hyRWCe

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